20+ Best Cognacs Brands and Logos

Best Cognacs Brands and Logos

The logo holds significant importance in elite beverages such as cognac. It serves as a symbol that showcases the brand’s history, traditions, and the arduous effort involved in cognac production. It tells a story about the brand’s history, the family behind it, and how they craft their cognac.

These intricate symbols demonstrate the depth of tradition and the meticulous care taken in producing cognac. Some logos feature ancient family emblems from when people first started making cognac. Others have a more modern design, showcasing everything contemporary and new. Each logo on a bottle tells you something special about the brand, such as the cognac production region, like Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne.

Looking at a logo, you feel like you’re strolling through the beautiful vineyards of Cognac in France. Many logos have a special design that honors the brand’s history, such as family crests or important individuals who helped make it what it is today.

There’s a lot of symbolism embedded in these logos. Color, font type, and images—all signify something. They convey what the brand stands for and the type of drink they produce. For instance, an elegant logo might suggest a delicate, rich cognac, while a bold and new design could indicate that the brand is trying something new.

When brands update their logos, many cognac makers embrace modern ideas while adhering to traditional cognac production methods. It’s akin to how cognac producers always find new ways to enhance their products while respecting traditional methods.


Hennessy Logo

Over 250 years ago, in 1765, an Irishman named Richard Hennessy started a cognac brand in the Cognac region of France. He was once an officer in the French Army. Hennessy became known for making good cognac and sending it to Ireland and England. Soon, everyone who liked fine drinks, even kings, wanted Hennessy cognac.

The company kept getting better at making their drink, and by the 1800s, under Richard’s son, James, they were sending their cognac all over the world. Hennessy became the top cognac brand because they were great at blending aged cognacs.

In 1971, Hennessy joined Moët et Chandon and Louis Vuitton to become part of LVMH, making its name even bigger. Now, Hennessy sells its cognac in over 130 countries and is still the most popular cognac brand.

The Hennessy logo shows how proud they are of their history. It has the name “Hennessy” in big letters, a picture of a hand holding a battle axe, and vines around it. This logo tells the story of Hennessy’s strong tradition and careful work in making their cognac since 1765.

Remy Martin

Remy Martin Logo

Rémy Martin started in 1724 in the Cognac region of France, known for making high-quality cognac from the best areas called Grande and Petite Champagne. Their main product, Cognac Fine Champagne, is known for its rich taste. The logo of Rémy Martin has a centaur, a creature that’s half human and half horse. This logo represents the brand’s mix of natural beauty and creativity. The name and logo of the brand highlight its roots in the Champagne region.

Rémy Martin was founded by a young man named Rémy Martin, who began making cognac from wine in 1724. Over the years, his family improved the cognac by improving how they distilled and aged it. This made Rémy Martin very popular, especially with important people in Europe, like the French Royal Courts.

By the 19th century, more people worldwide started liking cognac, and Rémy Martin became a luxury brand. Even when they started using new ways to make their cognac in the 20th century, they kept their traditional methods. They introduced the Centaur label in 1927, which became a big part of their brand. Later, they let other investors help run the company but ensured the Rémy Martin family was still in charge.

Today, Rémy Martin is still run by the family and sells its famous cognac worldwide, continuing a 300-year tradition of making high-quality cognac from their homeland.


Martell Logo

Martell is an old cognac company that started way back in 1715. They’re known for making their drinks in a special way that makes them smooth and full of different smells. Their logo has a picture of a fast bird and fancy writing, showing they’re all about being classy and trustworthy. They also make it clear they’ve been around since 1715 with some fancy designs on their bottles.

The company started with a guy named Jean Martell in France. He was good at turning wine into something called eau-de-vie, which is what you need to make cognac. After setting up his place, Martell and his family kept improving how they made their drinks, which made them very popular, especially in England.

In the 1800s, as more and more people worldwide wanted Martell cognac, the company grew bigger, ensuring their drinks stayed smooth and tasty. Even when times got tough with insufficient grapes, sick vines, and wars, they stuck to their old ways of making cognac, which helped them keep going.

Later, other big companies owned Martell, but now it’s part of Pernod Ricard. Even with all these changes, Martell is still famous for making some of the best cognacs, remembered not just for its long history but also for how good its cognac is today.


Courvoisier Logo

The Courvoisier brand was started in 1835 in Jarnac, France, by Felix Courvoisier and Louis Gallois. They wanted to make a good cognac that would be loved for a long time. Their hard work quickly made their cognac famous for its great taste.

In 1843, Courvoisier became very special because it was chosen to supply cognac to British royalty, King William IV and Queen Victoria. This made the brand very fancy and well-known. Over the years, Courvoisier became even more popular worldwide, especially for its VSOP and XO cognacs.

The 20th century was full of changes for Courvoisier. It was bought by different companies, which helped it reach new places and people. In 2005, Fortune Brands took over, and then in 2016, Beam Suntory bought it, making it even more famous. In 2021, it joined the Davide Campari Group.

Almost 200 years later, Courvoisier is known worldwide for its quality and luxury. Its logo has a mysterious figure wearing a hat and coat, which tells a story about its long history. The logo also hints at a connection to Napoleon Bonaparte, showing Courvoisier’s rich past and dedication to making great cognac. This logo signifies Courvoisier’s lasting elegance and legacy in fine drinks.


Camus Logo

In 1863, Jean-Baptiste Camus started a cognac company in France’s famous Cognac region. This company, named Camus, became well-known because it was a family business focused on making high-quality cognac. They were good at distilling, aging, and mixing different cognacs to create drinks full of flavors and complex tastes.

Camus became famous for making a special kind of cognac from the Borderies vineyards, which had a unique, nutty, and fruity taste. Cyril Camus took over in 1962, making the brand even more popular worldwide. They built more cellars in the 1980s to keep up with demand from over 50 countries.

In the 1990s, they started the National Reserve series, showcasing very old cognacs, some even 100 years old. The company kept modernizing and innovating but still respected its old ways. A big update to their facilities happened in the 2010s, improving their production with new technology.

Now, Cyril Camus, a fifth-generation family member, leads a team of over 500 people and has a huge amount of aging cognac. The Camus logo, gold like their aged cognac, shows luxury and simplicity. It has an emblem resembling a family crest, showing the company’s pride and attention to detail. The logo also says “CAMUS Independent Since 1863,” highlighting their long history and ongoing commitment to making great cognac.


Frapin Logo

In France’s Grande Champagne region, a vineyard called Frapin has made cognac since 1270. This family business has a long history of making good cognac, known for its rich taste. Over the centuries, they’ve improved at making cognac, with their skills improving since the 16th century. Frapin’s cognacs became famous in England in the 1800s, and by the 20th century, people worldwide knew about them.

In 1984, the Cointreau family, who are related to the Frapins, took over. They kept making the cognac the traditional way but also brought in new ideas. The Cointreau family still runs the place, making cognacs that show off more than 700 years of experience.

The Frapin logo is simple but fancy, with the words “COGNAC FRAPIN” in a nice font. A feather design also shows how light and detailed their cognac is. This logo represents Frapin’s long history and the care they put into making their cognac.


Delamain Logo

In Jarnac, France, a Maison Delamain distillery has made cognac since 1824. It was started by Nicholas-Joseph Delamain, whose family entered the cognac business in 1751. Since then, Delamain has been known for making good cognac. They focus on making aged cognac, so they let it sit for a long time to get its flavor right.

One of their famous cognacs is called Pale and Dry XO. It’s made from the best grapes in the Grande Champagne area of France, and people worldwide love it. Delamain is about keeping the old ways of making cognac and ensuring every bottle is perfect.

Their logo has an eagle on a shield, which looks noble and shows their pride in their long history. The shield has some traditional French symbols, like fleur-de-lis, and the year 1824, when the company started. This logo and the way they make their cognac show how much Delamain cares about tradition and quality.

Even though times have changed, the Delamain family still makes their cognac the old-fashioned way, in small amounts and paying attention to every detail. People who love cognac think Delamain is special because it’s not just about drinking; it’s about enjoying something made with great care and history.


Hine Logo

In 1763, in a pretty town called Jarnac in France, a man from England named Thomas Hine started a big adventure. He wanted to make a special French cognac and return it to England. This was the start of Hine, a company known for making smooth and nice-tasting cognac. They had a special way of aging their cognac in England’s cool, damp weather, which made it taste even better.

Thomas Hine worked hard to make his cognac loved by important people in England, and it worked. Soon, people all over Europe and America wanted Hine’s cognac because it was seen as very fancy and nice. Even when new people took over the company, they kept making the cognac the Hine way.

Hine is still famous for its great cognac, even after over 250 years. In 2003, a French company called EDV SAS bought Hine, but they kept making cognac the traditional Hine way, mixing old methods with new ideas.

The Hine logo has a big red deer, which stands for energy and being high-class. The name “HINE” is written in big, bold, red letters, and it also says “MAISON FONDÉE EN 1763” to remind everyone how long they’ve been around. This logo shows how special Hine cognac is, with a history of making fine and elegant drinks.


Hardy Logo

In 1863, Anthony Hardy, an English guy who knew much about wine, started making cognac in France. He was good at aging his drinks to make them extra smooth and flavorful. His skills made his cognac popular in Britain and worldwide, and it became known for being top-notch.

As time passed, the Hardy family kept improving their cognac by using old and new ways. This mix of ideas helped them sell their cognac everywhere, from Europe to Asia and the Americas. In 1986, they teamed up with a big company called Rémy Cointreau, which helped them grow even more, but they kept making their cognac the special Hardy way. Now, Hardy is famous for some fancy cognacs that have been aged for a long time and taste great.

The Hardy logo has the name “HARDY” in big letters and a golden rooster on top, which stands for being proud and careful, just like the French. A bit also says “Maison de Cognac” and 1863, which tells you about Hardy’s long history and focus on making quality cognac. This logo shows how much Hardy cares about making the best cognac and honoring their long tradition.

A. E. Dor

A. E. Dor Logo

The A.E. Dor cognac house was started in 1858 by Amédée-Edouard Dor. It’s known for making special cognacs from before a big vine disease and for its excellent way of mixing different cognacs. At first, Dor got his cognacs from different places, but then he made his place to make and keep cognac near the Grande Champagne area. This change helped him become a well-known cognac maker, focusing on creating very fine and complex cognacs.

For over 150 years, A.E. Dor has been making great Champagne cognacs. These cognacs are famous for being elegant and having many layers, which comes from aging them for a long time. The brand is about making the best cognac and finding new ways to do it while sticking to old traditions.

The A.E. Dor logo is a symbol of its long history. It has a noble crest with a crown, the letter ‘D,’ and a wreath, showing the brand’s commitment to being the best. The logo also says “Estd 1858” to remember when the brand started, and the name “A. E. DOR” is written in a fancy way to show its long-standing dedication to quality and tradition.

A. de Fussigny

A. de Fussigny Logo

A. de Fussigny is a cognac maker located by the peaceful Charente River in France’s famous Cognac area. It started in 1814 and mixes old traditions with new ideas. They use special grapes like Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Folle Blanche to make their cognac taste fruity and floral with a smooth balance.

For over 200 years, A. de Fussigny has made different kinds of cognacs in four main types: Creation, Collection, Millesime, and Heritage. These include well-known grades like VS, VSOP, XO, and Extra. They’ve also added an organic cognac to keep up with modern trends while sticking to their traditional way of making cognac. Their hard work was recognized in 2022 with a silver medal at the London Spirits Competition, showing they’re top-notch at old and new ways of making cognac.

Their logo has a royal lion that looks elegant and strong, fitting the brand’s classy and bold character. The logo’s style mixes tradition with a modern look, showing that A. de Fussigny is all about top-quality cognac today.

François Voyer

Francois Voyer Logo

In the middle of Grande Champagne, a special place for making cognac, there’s a family business named François Voyer. This family has been making good cognac for many years. They are very good at aging their drink, making it taste rich and complex. Their symbol is simple but meaningful, featuring the name “FRANÇOIS VOYER” and a drawing of Pegasus, which stands for their goal always to be better and their respect for old traditions mixed with new ideas.

The Voyer family started making their special drink in 1870, using grapes from their land in the best part of the Cognac region. The way they make their cognac, with special aging and blending, started with François Voyer’s grandfather long ago. They made high-quality cognac even after difficult times like wars and vineyard diseases.

In the late 1990s, the family business welcomed the fourth generation, François Voyer, who kept the tradition alive while trying new things. They opened places where people could come and taste their special cognacs in 2005. Ten years after that, in 2015, they celebrated over 140 years of making great cognac with some very special bottles. This story shows how the Voyer family loves what they do and keeps improving their cognac.

Pierre Ferrand

Pierre FerranL Logo

Pierre Ferrand Cognac is made in a place called Grande Champagne, which is famous for growing the best grapes for cognac. The logo looks fancy, with the letters “PF” and a little angel, showing a brand with a long history. It says “COGNAC PIERRE FERRAND” and “Grande Champagne” to show it’s a top-quality drink.

The company was started in 1702 by Pierre Ferrand, who was good at making a special kind of brandy. He and his family made their drinks better over time, using special techniques that made everyone in England love their cognac.

The Ferrand family made their cognac using only the best grapes for a long time. But then, the company was sold in 1971, and the quality wasn’t as good for a while.

In 1989, the family got the company back and went back to making cognac the old-fashioned way, focusing on quality over quantity. Now, Pierre Ferrand is known again for making some of the best cognacs, keeping up a tradition that’s lasted more than 300 years.

Vallein Tercinier

Vallein Tercinier Logo

Vallein Tercinier is a cognac house that started in the 15th century and is known for its high-quality cognacs, including some very old and rare ones. They make their cognac using old methods that have existed for a long time. Their logo has a crest with a ship and a star on a shield, showing their love for adventure and their history with the sea. The year “1850” is also part of their logo, showing when they got going, and their name is written in a strong, old-style font.

This cognac house is in the Grand Champagne area and is famous for making the best. The Vallein and Tercinier families started it, and people like Louis, Georges, Paul, and Robert Vallein have taken care of it over the years. Now, Catherine Roudier-Tercinier runs it, keeping up the family’s long history of making cognac.

Vallein Tercinier is small but focuses on ensuring their cognac is the best. They use special stills for distilling and age their cognac in barrels from Limousin. This careful way of making cognac makes sure it tastes unique. Their cognacs, like the VSOP and XO, have won gold medals, showing that they’re good and respected in the world of cognac.

Claude Chatelier

Claude Chatelier Logo

Claude Chatelier is a type of cognac that’s been around since 1989. It was made by a smart guy named Alexander Gabriel. It’s part of Maison Ferrand, known for making good drinks like cognac, rum, and gin. They use special grapes and take great care in making them, so they taste amazing. One of their cognacs, Claude Chatelier VS, is mixed from different ages and must sit for at least two years before it’s ready. Even though it’s not expensive, it’s still very fancy. You can buy a small bottle for about 13.50 euros in Estonia, which is a pretty good deal for something so nice.

The way they make Claude Chatelier cognac is special because it shows off old French skills. People worldwide like it because it’s smooth and tastes great. The brand has a logo with a stork inside a dark blue shield. There are also yellow flowers and grapevines around it, which remind you of where the grapes come from. There’s a fancy crown on top and a motto that says “patience and fortune,” which means making good cognac takes time and brings good luck.

Jean Luc Pasquet

Jean Luc Pasquet Logo

Jean Luc Pasquet’s story is about making special drinks called cognac in France. They use old ways to make their drinks and care a lot about being true to their craft. Their symbol has the initials “JLP” and the name “JEAN-LUC PASQUET” written nicely, showing they’re proud of their work. They also put “L’ORGANIC” on their bottles because they make their drink in a way that’s good for the earth.

This family started making cognac way back in 1730 in a place called Eraville. Jean-Luc Pasquet joined the family in the 1970s when he married Marie Françoise. They started their own cognac house in 1977. Jean-Luc learned all about making wine from Marie’s family and used that knowledge to make their unique cognacs. Their son Sebastien keeps making these special drinks, following in his family’s footsteps.

The Pasquet family’s story shows how much they care about making their cognac correctly and respecting their land and history. They blend tradition with new ideas, making something truly special that’s been around for hundreds of years but still feels new today.

Sazerac de Forge & Fils

Sazerac de Forge & Fils Logo

Sazerac de Forge & Fils is a very old cognac brand used in the first Sazerac cocktail. It’s been brought back to life, celebrating old French tastes from the 1800s. The logo is simple and modern, with a copper color that reminds people of the barrels where cognac ages. The brand name is arranged in a circle, putting “COGNAC” in the middle to show what’s most important about it.

The story of Sazerac de Forge started in 1782 when Bernard Sazerac de Forge made his first distillery in France. His cognac was famous for being good. After Bernard died, different people owned the brand, but it kept making cognac. By the late 1800s, his family no longer owned it and became less known, even though more people worldwide liked cognac.

In the early 2000s, an American company called Sazerac Company bought the brand and decided to make it famous again. They moved the making of the cognac to a new place in the Cognac region. In 2020, they made their first batch of Sazerac de Forge & Fils cognac, trying to make it taste like the original one Bernard made. This brings back a piece of history and introduces it to new people who like cognac, mixing old ways of making it with new ideas.

Master of Malt’s

Master of Malt's Logo

Master of Malt started in 1985 as a small company selling special kinds of whisky from Scotland to people who liked them. They used to take orders by mail and send these whiskies to their customers. Their logo looks serious and fancy, showing they know much about whisky. The way they write “MASTER” big and bold and “of” in a fancy way makes it look like they’re both strong and classy.

In the 1990s, as more people worldwide got interested in whisky, Master of Malt began offering more special whiskies and became pretty famous for it. When the internet became a big deal in the 2000s, they started selling their whiskies online, which allowed even more people to buy them, not just in the UK but everywhere.

By the 2010s, thanks to online shopping, Master of Malt became one of the top places to buy special spirits online. They joined a group called Atom Brands and got even bigger in 2018 when Bacardi, a huge company that makes drinks, bought them. This helped the Master of Malt grow even more.

Now, Master of Malt is known worldwide for selling great spirits online. They offer a lot of different drinks, like cognac and whisky, for people who love spirits and those who just want to try something new. They keep up the tradition of finding and selling good drinks to their customers.

PM Spirits

PM Spirits Logo

PM Spirits is a small company that brings special drinks from around the world to the U.S. They have a special selection for New York and a bigger variety for 24 other states.

Nicolas Palazzi is the main person at PM Spirits. He wants to show people real cognac, unlike big brands. He likes to support smaller, unique producers.

PM Spirits picks out special cognacs made by skilled people. Their symbol has a crown on top, showing they’re all about quality. Two fantasy animals, maybe griffins, are on the sides to show they’re serious about protecting their choices. The middle has a fancy letter design, and there’s a banner with plants and flowers below, which tells us they care a lot about nature and how their drinks are made. The whole logo looks very grand like it’s from an old, fancy story.


Martingale Logo

Martingale is a special kind of cognac company that’s been around for a long time. They make a very fancy drink called Eaux-de-vie. Their symbol is a big “M” inside an eight-sided shape, showing they care a lot about making things perfect and paying attention to every detail. The logo is green and gold, which means they like nature, doing well, and mixing old-style fancy drinks with new ideas.

A long time ago, the Thomas family started Martingale. They were good at making top-notch cognac but didn’t make a big deal about their name. They just wanted to make great drinks. After World War II, they made important deals that helped them get noticed more.

For a long time, Martingale didn’t worry about being famous; they just wanted to make their drink pure and good. But when the 2000s came around, they started showing off their special drinks more to see if people liked them.

By the 2010s, Martingale decided to start sharing their drinks with everyone. They got a lot of praise for the few drinks they let people try, so they went all in. Now, Martingale is all about sharing their awesome drink with the world, mixing their old ways of making drinks with new ideas to keep making something special.