Adventure wheels from the new Mycle brand

Mycle Logo

The new Mycle brand, which provides riders with affordable electric scooters and bicycles, has recently launched. Local specialists (developers, engineers, and other technologists) have simplified the mechanisms. Now, any citizen who feels the wind of change and the desire to rush away for adventurous adventures to different parts of the city can pamper himself with a trip on any chosen transport. The renewable energy system and fast power supply have made this brand a darling of the ecological approach and conscious consumption; therefore, the brand is the leader in this niche of entertainment among nature lovers and those who want to save money.

Mycle New Logo

The creative agency B&B studio (London) did their job perfectly; the brand is nice to see on advertising, it is nice to think about upcoming trips and fun. To help people cope with depression after the coronavirus or gain strength after working remotely, freshen up in the air in the park, the creators of the brand identity took soft lines as the basis. They can perfectly depict transport and use it together with the font design, which was done.

Mycle Emblem

Of course, there is a mark of the trademark since the brand was quickly promoted, and an official design was needed for further activities. The type logo, in this case, is the best option – illustrative, laconic, understandable.

It is immediately evident that the letters “M” and “U” mean coherence, convenience, softness. These abstract concepts evoke thoughts of a pleasant pastime in the company of friends, an affectionate attitude towards nature. And the idea of ​​linking “My + cycle” conveys a person’s love for wheeled transport, which indicates an accurate hit on the target – the hearts of potential brand customers.

Logo Mycle

If the font was of a color other than black, it seems that the effect would be different. The logo would be perceived as childish. In this case, of course, there is a place for mischief, but it does not go beyond what is permitted.