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The Aegon logo is a striking blend of text and graphic elements, melding into a cohesive design. Visually, the emblem is split into two main parts: a white “A” housed in a blue rhombus and the black word “EGON,” underscored by a short line. An intriguing design feature is how the initial “A” intersects the lower part of the “E,” making it appear incomplete. The remaining characters are bold, smooth, and evenly aligned, all capitalized.

The white “A” on the blue rhombus highlights this design. This feature not only draws attention but also works to create a sense of solidity and stability. The blue rhombus implies a reliable foundation, often associated with trust and dependabilityā€”attributes vital to the company’s operation. The white “A,” placed prominently within this rhombus, is a marker of leadership and excellence. This combination conveys the brand’s commitment to customer service and trustworthiness.

The interaction between the “A” and the “E” is striking. By clipping the bottom segment of the “E,” the “A” subtly breaks a traditional mold. This can signify innovation, a willingness to disrupt standard practices for something new or better. It’s a gentle nod to dynamism and forward-thinking without being overtly aggressive.

When one looks at the black text “EGON,” underscored by a simple line, an atmosphere of finality and authority is presented. Black often signifies elegance, power, and sophistication. The short underline anchors the text, reinforcing the idea of stability and emphasis. The whole assembly of characters is capitalized to convey a strong sense of authority and confidence, underscoring the brand’s established and reliable reputation.

Aegon’s emblematic combination of color, typography, and spatial arrangement sends a message without excessive elaboration. The blue and black scheme exudes professionalism and trust, while the distinctive characters blend tradition and innovation. This logo, in its simple components and synergistic assembly, effectively encapsulates the brand’s mission and values. The individual elements, each with its significance, unite to form an emblem that speaks to the company’s promise of quality, trust, and leadership. As such, the emblem operates as a visual shorthand for the brand’s multi-layered identity.

Aegon: Brand overview

Founder:AGO Holding N.V. and Ennia N.V.
The Hague, Netherlands

In 1983, a new entity emerged in the insurance world as AGO Holding N.V. and Ennia N.V., two Dutch insurance giants, decided to amalgamate. This newly formed institution took on the name ‘Aegon,’ inspired by the Dutch phrase symbolizing perpetual progression. Throughout the 1980s and into the 90s, Aegon set its sights beyond the Netherlands, making strategic acquisitions in regions like the US, the UK, and Central and Eastern Europe. By 1994, their significant growth was reflected in the financial stage when they went public on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

With time, Aegon diversified and strengthened its global presence, specializing in life insurance, pensions, and asset management. However, the late 2000s and early 2010s saw Aegon make pivotal decisions regarding its international ventures. These included the sale of its UK life insurance arm to Atos Origin in 2008, parting ways with its Canadian counterpart, which was acquired by Wilton Re in 2010, and transferring its Australian operations to AMP Limited in 2011.

In recent years, Aegon’s primary market concentration has revolved around the US, its home ground of the Netherlands, and budding markets in countries like Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Turkey, and Romania. As of 2020, the company’s expansive operations are managed by approximately 26,000 professionals globally. By 2022, another significant shift occurred when ASR Insurance expressed intentions to acquire Aegon’s Dutch operations, signaling a transition where the Aegon brand would operate under the ASR banner within the Netherlands.

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Aegon color codes

Medium Persian BlueHex color:#0069b4
RGB:0 105 180
CMYK:100 42 0 29
Pantone:PMS 285 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C