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Akbank Logo

Akbank Logo
Akbank Logo PNG

Several large banks are represented in the financial sector of Turkey, including Akbank. This institution was established in 1948 to invest in entrepreneurs who were involved in the cultivation and production of cotton in the territory of Çukurova. Over time, the scope of the bank has changed. It has expanded to corporate and retail services, which has resulted in an increase in its customer base. Today the group offers project finance, risk management, individual retirement plans, insurance, money management, credit cards, consumer loans, and much more.

Meaning and History

Akbank Symbol

The Akbank wordmark contains its name in red capital letters. This is not an abstract word, but an abbreviation for the phrase “Adana-Kayseri Bankası,” which, in turn, can be reduced to the abbreviation “AK” without “Bankası.” Adana and Kayseri are major cities that have played an important role in the development of the brand. In the first settlement, the company was founded, and in the second, many of the bank’s founders were born. There were seven founders in total, including the cotton merchant Hacı Ömer Sabancı and four businessmen who own the Milli Mensucat textile production.

In 1962, Akbank was completely taken over by the Sabancı family. Its representatives in the second and third generations still lead the board of directors. They continue to develop the financial organization, open new departments and expand the range of banking and non-banking services.

Another issue that the descendants of Hacı Ömer Sabancı are concerned with is maintaining the identity of Akbank and its five subsidiaries. The parent company’s logo changes infrequently, and there is no archival information about its history since 1948. The current version is minimalistic lettering that draws attention to the bank’s name with its brightness and bold type.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Akbank Emblem

Akbank has no other symbols besides the word mark. In this regard, it loses to institutions with a flexible icon system and conducts a dialogue with clients in a visual language. But the lack of recognizable iconography did not prevent it from becoming the most valuable bank in Turkey in the private sector. Moreover, a striking emblem with an inscription has existed for a long time associated with a financial institution and its services. She presents Akbank as a reliable and stable brand that does not change its age-old traditions.

The name of the bank is written in capital letters and stands out thanks to the bold type. Simultaneously, the design looks standard: the word has no serifs or other decorative elements. The style most closely resembles the commercial typeface MicroSquare Bold Extended, published by FontSite Inc. It was released in 2010. Another similar option is Criovision Bold, which is free of charge and developed by the Criovision Agency. They are very similar to the Grammara Normal font by Thomas E. Harvey, but there are noticeable differences in the glyphs.

The Akbank logo looks great on a white background because the lettering is painted in a rich shade of red. The hexadecimal code is # E0362A. This color symbolizes determination, strength, dynamism, energy, activity, and power. And it also performs a purely practical function: it draws clients’ attention to the bank and sets it apart from competitors in Turkey and the international market.