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The HDFC Bank logo shows the company’s focus on the needs, needs, and problems of the client. The emblem contains an individual approach and works with depositors and borrowers of any level, which allows visitors to feel calm and confident.

HDFC Bank: Brand overview

Founded: August 1994
Founder: Housing Development Finance Corporatio
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
HDFC Bank Limited is a financial and banking organization that appeared in India in August 1994. Its founder is Hasmukhbhai Parekh. At the beginning of 2020, it had more than 104 thousand permanent employees because it became the largest company in the private banking sector in terms of assets. Its head office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. According to the Business World Magna Awards, this institution is the fastest growing bank. It has also received numerous other titles and international awards.

Meaning and History

HDFC Bank Logo History

This bank is a subsidiary of the Housing Development Finance Corporation. Its first full-service headquarters and branch at Sandoz House (Worli) was established by Manmohan Singh, an economist, academic, and politician. The financial structure’s logo quickly became recognizable because the bank received government support. So, as of 2019, its network included 5,500 branches located in 2,764 cities of the country.

The emblem played a crucial role in forming a banking institution, as it is well recognizable, uncomplicated, bright, and stable. To not lose clients and the accumulated reputation, the private structure did not change its distinctive sign. Thanks to this approach, it has significantly expanded the list of services, providing the population with various loans and performing wholesale and retail operations.

What is HDFC Bank?

HDFC is the acronym of an Indian bank and stands for Housing Development Finance Corporation. It was established in 1994 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra region. Now it is the largest financial institution in the country by assets and market capitalization. It has more than 5,600 branches in India and abroad.

Font and Colors

HDFC Bank Emblem

The official symbol of a financial and banking organization consists of two elements. The first is the name, derived from the abbreviated version of “Housing Development Finance Corporation,” which indicates the bank’s actual ownership. The abbreviation “HDFC” appears before the word “Bank.” Moreover, both fragments are in large print in the upper case. White letters stand out clearly against a dark blue background. They occupy almost the entire area of ​​the logo.

The second part is dedicated to a personal badge. It is a small geometric shape that looks like a square. The only difference is in unfinished lines forming exact angles of two sides at once. The wide stripes reach almost half but do not close, leaving a narrow space free. Visually, they resemble square brackets. In the center is a miniature dark blue square whose palette matches the background of the abbreviation.

All elements are combined into a small rectangle. It is rather narrow in shape, but the letters are arranged to reach the edge on either side. They are inscribed exactly in the middle. Simultaneously, the graphic sign to the left of the name forms three faces of a horizontally elongated figure. Below is the bank’s slogan, but it is not always used – mainly only on the signs.

The HDFC Bank logo uses a commercial typeface from designer Max Miedinger. It is called Helvetica Black and features strict, wide sans serif lines. The letters are bold, slightly squat. The closest free analog of this font is Mytupi Bold Font.

The signature palette includes two colors: deep Red Pigment (# ED232A) and dark Midnight Blue (# 004C8F). In addition to them, there is also white: it is used for inscriptions, and it also serves as a background for a single sign.

HDFC Bank color codes

Pigment Red Hex color: #ed232a
RGB: 237 35 42
CMYK: 0 85 82 7
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C
Midnight Blue Hex color: #004c8f
RGB: 0 76 143
CMYK: 100 47 0 44
Pantone: PMS 2945 C

What does the HDFC logo mean?

The lettering on the HDFC logo is in the commercial font Helvetica Black, designed by Max Miedinger. Its free counterpart is Mytupi Bold Font with bold, flat, sans serif letters.

What is the font of the HDFC Bank logo?

The logo of HDFC Bank stands for its name, which was formed from the phrase Housing Development Finance Corporation. Both words are in the same font – wide, grotesque, flat, with capital letters. In front of the inscription is the bank’s sign, a square made up of four red corners not connected to each other. They surround a miniature dark blue square in the center.