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From the emblem, it immediately becomes clear that the system’s main task is to help unite the parties. The MasterCard logo is an example of a connection between two financial entities for sending and receiving payments. The sign demonstrates globality and full coverage of processes.

Mastercard: Brand overview

Founded: 1966
Purchase, New York, U.S.
MasterCard is an international financial services corporation founded in 1966. It handles payments between merchant banks and issuing banks or buyers’ credit unions. At first, the system was called Interbank (from 1966 to 1969), then Master Charge (from 1969 to 1979), and only then received its current name. Its founder is an alliance of several regional banking associations – Interbank Card Association (now Mastercard Incorporated).

Meaning and History

Mastercard Logo History

The corporation’s original logo appeared at the very beginning of her career and has never changed dramatically: it has always remained the way it looks now. The changes were about minimal adjustments and improvements due to the requirement of time, for example, for adaptive visualization on electronic media or when changing the design of a bank card.

What is Mastercard?

This is the company’s name, formerly known as Master Charge: The Interbank Card. It provides payment processing services and, more recently, supports cryptocurrency transactions. The office of the financial corporation is located in the village of Harrison, New York. The year of its foundation was 1966, when a group of California banks created the association to offer an alternative to BankAmericard cards.

1966 – 1979

Master Charge Logo 1966-1979

The history of the emblem is closely related to the evolution of the bank. It reflects all the iconic concepts that he adheres to. To show the areas of intersection of interests of two sides of the same process, the administration used a Venn diagram.

This is how the first sign appeared, which is stylized as visual proof of the idea of ​​the need for cooperation since it is mutually beneficial. Two equal circles are taken as a basis – red and orange. They are superimposed on each other by the one-fourth part and demonstrate the possibility of overlapping different interests.

Above the intersecting circles was the then corporation name in lower case. Beneath it was the phrase “The Interbank Card” in capital letters. And in the lower right corner, there was a lowercase “i” – the Interbank icon in a black circle.

1979 – 1990

MasterCard Logo 1979-1990

In December 1979, the company was named MasterCard. As a result, a new name for the financial institution appeared on the logo. The previous image was not discarded because it perfectly reflected the progressiveness, energy, and banking operations dynamics.

1990 – 1996

MasterCard Logo 1990-1996

In April 1990, the emblem was slightly altered. Instead of orange, yellow appeared, and the border of intersecting circles was shaded with horizontal stripes. This design moved away from the Venn diagram and focused even more on the parties’ close relationship. The title in the middle was written in italics with a slight slant.

1996 – 2016

MasterCard Logo 1996-2016

The developers focused on the yellow circle, intensifying its color. They also reduced the number of intersecting stripes in the middle. This made the logo minimalist and austere. One more revision touched the word “MasterCard”: it got narrow black shadows on the right and became more voluminous.

In the middle of the previous period, a corporate version of the emblem also appeared, used in parallel for ten years. It consisted of the same logo and had a third circle – slightly larger than the first two. Thanks to its transparency, it did not cover what is below it, creating a 3D effect. Below the graphic sign was the phrase “MasterCard Worldwide,” placed on two levels: the top row is printed in black bold, in the bottom – in thin.

2016 – 2020

Mastercard Logo 2016-2020

Starting in July 2016, the financial corporation changed the spelling of its name: now the version with a lowercase “c,” and not with an uppercase: “Mastercard” is considered relevant. The changes in the logo of that time were dramatic, which happened for the first time in 20 years. The text from the circles disappeared, and they got their original form – in the form of a Venn diagram, as before 1990.

The name of the company is outside the graphic symbol and is located at the bottom. It is written in lowercase letters. The yellow color is enhanced and closer to orange. This is visible in the center of the intersection of the two elements. This option is relevant for all sub-brands of the corporation. Only the inscription “Mastercard” will disappear from the logo in July 2020.

2019 – today

Mastercard Logo 2019-present

In early 2019, the logo for physical cards and e-wallets and labels, stickers, and marketing materials were also changed. On January 7, the word “Mastercard” was removed from it. In all other details, it corresponds to the 2016 version.

Font and Colors

Mastercard Emblem

The current version has existed since 1966 – since the formation of the financial association – and has never changed. Any interventions concerned only small corrections, so all this time, there are two colored circles on the logo, which partially overlap one another.

Mastercard Symbol

The emblem uses the FF Mark family font. These are the minimalist and clean sans-serif fonts Std Premium and Helios Antique Semi Bold. The color of the logo, like its shape, is also standard: it is a combination of red and yellow (previously, orange). The letters were always white.

Mastercard color codes

Cadmium Red Hex color: #eb001b
RGB: 235 0 27
CMYK: 0 100 89 8
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C
Orange Hex color: #ff5f00
RGB: 255 95 0
CMYK: 0 63 100 0
Pantone: PMS Orange 021 C
Orange Peel Hex color: #f79e1b
RGB: 247 158 27
Pantone: PMS 137 C

What does the Mastercard logo represent?

According to one version, the two circles in the Mastercard logo represent the interrelation of trading interests of Eastern and Western countries. In this context, the golden element symbolizes the rising sun of the West, which offers great opportunities, while the red circle references the Japanese flag. The emblem shows how the payment system connects the two parts of the world. The shape of the emblem is similar to the Venn diagram.

What is the font of the Mastercard logo?

ITC Avant Garde Gothic has been used in the Mastercard logo since 1979. In 1990 it was replaced by italics with modified glyphs. And in 2016, a new wordmark was introduced, written in FF Mark sans serif geometric typeface. The letters repeated the shape of two circles of the graphic symbol. Finally, the brand name was removed in 2019.

What does the Mastercard logo mean?

The Mastercard logo signifies a duality that finds common ground. The two circles can be East and West and customer and credit card, and the common area of geometric shapes symbolizes interaction. The image is based on the Venn diagram.