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The Bank of America logo is full of patriotic motifs. The organization is proud of its country and does everything for its prosperity and fame. The symbols of the emblem read the reliability and confidence in the future, which the sign conveys to customers.

Bank of America: Brand overview

Founded: 1998
Founder: Amadeo Giannini, Hugh McColl
United States
Bank of America is a North Carolina-based finance company that provides a full range of investment and banking services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and multinational corporations. It was created in 1998 when NationsBank merged with BankAmerica.

Meaning and History

Bank of America Logo History

The bank’s early logos featured its corporate symbol: a monogram of the letters “B” and “A.” But this is not about Bank of America itself, but about its eponymous predecessor. The operating company has a completely different graphic sign: it contains a stylized US flag of six stripes of different lengths.

What is Bank of America?

It is one of the largest representatives of the U.S. banking industry. It is a holding company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is the second-largest Big Four bank in the country. BofA originated in 1998 in San Francisco and gained its current status after the acquisition of NationsBank of Charlotte. Its services are related to commercial banking, investment banking, and wealth management.

1930 – 1969

Bank of America Logo 1930

From 1930 to 1969, one of the largest banks in the United States used an emblem with black lettering in Gothic type. It featured the name Bank of America, which looked presentable thanks to the letters in the style of medieval Latin writing. After all, it was believed that a fraction, in contrast to an antiqua, personifies depth, seriousness, and solidity. It was created by ancient scribes who tore the pen from the paper, causing the words of the handwritten text to become intermittent. To reproduce the logo, you can use a similar modern analog of the font – Archive Black TitleFont Family from Archive Type.

1969 – 1980

Bank of America Logo 1969-1980

1969 saw the introduction of an emblem designed by Walter Landor. The graphic designer insisted on doing this and managed to convince the board of directors. He offered many options until the General Counsel stated that it didn’t matter what the logo looked like as long as it had the letters “B” and “A.” This is how the monogram appeared, which, according to the idea, was supposed to imitate the name stamp. On the left was the inscription “BANK of AMERICA.”

1980 – 1998

Bank of America Logo 1980-1998

Over time, the name began to be written at the bottom of the monogram. “B” and “A” were uppercase, and the rest of the letters were lowercase. The Helvetica Black font gave them a modern look.

1998 – 2018

Bank of America Logo 1998-2018

After the merger of NationsBank and BankAmerica, the current Bank of America officially appeared with 525 billion USD assets. Some of that money went to design a new logo: a red and blue abstract shape reminiscent of the US flag. An attentive observer will notice the letters “B” and “A” in the six colored stripes. The name of the financial institution has been moved to the left and repainted blue.

2018 – today

Bank of America Logo 2018-present

In 2018, Lippincott made thin lines, changed colors, changed the case of the lettering, and increased the letter-spacing.

Font and Colors

Bank of America Emblem

Designers have transformed Bank of America’s sense of self into a graphic sign that appears on every credit card and every branch. The stylized flag is encrypted: “B” – two blue stripes and “A” – four red ones.

The latest logo uses a new sans-serif font: now, the name is displayed in capital letters. The colors are darker than before 2018, although the palette remains the same: blue-red elements on a white background.

Bank of America color codes

Royal Blue Hex color: #012169
RGB: 1 33 105
CMYK: 99 69 0 59
Pantone: PMS 662 C
Alizarin Crimson Hex color: #e31837
RGB: 227 24 55
CMYK: 0 89 76 11
Pantone: PMS 185 C

What is the Bank of America logo?

The modern Bank of America logo is an effort to demonstrate the simplicity, ease, and accessibility of the financial institution it represents. The emblem depicts an identical flag in color to the U.S. national flag. It is positioned sideways and is shaped like a ruled rhombus. In front of it is the bank’s name, in upper-case chopped type.

Why did Bank of America change its logo?

Bank of America changed its logo for three reasons: 1. It wanted to be on-trend and in line with current trends in identity design. 2. The bank set a goal to get a logo that would meet its status as a confident representative of the banking system on an international level. 3. BofA wanted to emphasize patriotism and evoke the emotional attachment of customers.

Does Bank of America have a new logo?

Yes, Bank of America has a new logo. It was adopted in 2018 and is an improved version of the previous logo. The three blocks of stripes on the makeshift flag are spread slightly wider than before. The red and blue colors are as close to the American flag palette as possible. The lettering is in simple, wide-spaced letters to show the bank’s modernity and accessibility.