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Grace, nobility, and fulfillment of their obligations show the JPMorgan Chase logo. The emblem is the embodiment of clarity and transparency. Indicates the venerable age of a financial institution that originates in the time of ladies and gentlemen.

JPMorgan Chase: Brand overview

Founded: December 1, 2000
Founder: Aaron Burr, Balthazar P. Melick, John Pierpont Morgan, John Thompson
New York City, New York, U.S.
JPMorgan Chase’s predecessors include many other banking institutions, including the oldest Bank of the Manhattan Company, established in 1799. Together they laid the foundation for a financial holding company that was formed in 1996. The monetary institution was named after John Pierpont Morgan I. Businessman James L. Dimon now heads it.

Meaning and History

JPMorgan Chase Logo History

Going back in time, the recognizable octagonal shape from the Chase logo dates back to 1961 when Chase Manhattan Bank was formed due to the two companies’ merger. This results from the work of design firm Chermayeff & Geismar Associates, which offered eight different symbols to choose from. Management approved a four-part octagon. They were originally multi-colored but eventually turned blue. After JPMorgan Chase’s appearance, the geometric figure supplemented the name and then disappeared altogether – only the inscription remained on the current logo.

What is JPMorgan Chase?

This is the name of a financial holding company from Delaware, USA. In 2021 it was recognized as the biggest bank in the USA. It was founded by several organizations, the oldest of which was the Bank of the Manhattan Company. They merged in 1996, but the true year of JPMorgan Chase is considered to be 2000 because that’s when J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated and The Chase Manhattan Corporation.

2000 – 2008

JP Morgan Chase Logo 2000-2008

In 2000, two large financial structures merged: JPMorgan & Co. Incorporated and The Chase Manhattan Corporation. They founded the current bank JPMorgan Chase, which immediately received a new logo with lettering and an octagon. The octagon stood for movement, and the white square inside it was both a secure bank vault and an abstract symbol of progress. There were no spaces between words. The letters were black, bold, and grotesque.

2008 – today

JP Morgan Chase Logo 2008-present

The redesign brought noticeable changes, especially about the graphic part. The octagonal geometrical figure disappeared – there was no place for it even in the upper right corner. Simultaneously, the logo developers updated the inscription, adding missing spaces and converting all letters to uppercase. However, the first “JPM” in the word “JPMORGAN” and the “C” in “CHASE” are still higher than the rest of the characters.

Font and Colors

JP Morgan Chase Emblem

From an artistic point of view, the current emblem is much simpler than the previous one. There is no multi-part octagon in it, composed of small quadrangles, and the semantic load does not imply symbolism. Designers dispensed with hand-drawn elements, moving away from the old Chase concept. Now the icon can only be associated with seriousness, severity, responsibility, and stability. This is exactly what the bank employees, who opposed abstractions back in 1961, sought to achieve. After 47 years, they still won.

JP Morgan Chase Symbol

The new logo font is the exact opposite of the previous version. If earlier it was chopped and bold, now the phrase “JPMORGAN CHASE & CO,” written in antique. The letters are very similar to the lettering of the neoclassical typeface ITC Century Book, designed by typographer Tony Stan.

The color scheme is as simple as possible because the emblem contains only black lettering and empty white background. Monochrome is great for a bank holding company and emphasizes its laconic image.

JPMorgan Chase color codes

Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

What does the JPMorgan Chase logo mean?

In the previous logo, the name of the banking organization was supplemented with a symbol that meant progress, security, and development. In 2008, the designers removed this element and left only strict black lettering on a white background to demonstrate the seriousness of the financial holding.

What is the JP Morgan Chase logo?

Since 2008, the banking conglomerate has used a text logo, which says only its name: “JPMorgan Chase & Co.” in upper case. Even though all the letters are capitalized, the “J,” “P,” “M,” and both “C’s” are nearly one and a half times larger.

What is the font of the JPMorgan Chase logo?

The font of the JPMorgan Chase logo has a lot in common with ITC Century Book, which was designed by Tony Stan. It, too, has a high contrast of strokes and thin serifs. At the same time, there are differences, which is especially noticeable by the capital “C.” The last wordmark was written in a typeface close to the FreeSet Demi Bold by Tagir Safayev.