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Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin Logo
Bitcoin Logo PNG

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system, as well as its virtual payment unit. They appeared in 2009 in Japan, being created from scratch by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Meaning and History

Bitcoin Logo History
Evolution of the Bitcoin Logo

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is the most demanded and widespread. Today it is included in the Unicode standards under its unique number. It is included in the original logo, which is combined with two parts: text (system name) and graphic (BTC symbol).

But before they became the basis of an authentic emblem, they went through several modifications separately. For example, at first, the designation of the unit of account resembled the Thai baht – the capital “B” crossed vertically with one line. However, over time, when the community realized that it was a stable and reliable cryptocurrency, its sign began to look like a “B” with two vertical lines – like a dollar. Also in use were just the letters “BC” – short for “bitcoin.”

Font and Color of the Emblem

Bitcoin Emblem

When the project began to gain popularity and become successful, the need for its symbols became more acute. Moreover, it was necessary to depict something that is not similar to any competing virtual system. It was then that Satoshi Nakamoto presented the first version of the logo to the world. In February 2010, he published the development on BitcoinTalk and suggested that one bitcoin corresponds to 100 million satoshis. Then the forum visitors expressed their assumptions about this.

As a result, the participants in the discussion came to a collective opinion: the mark must meet certain criteria that will not allow fraudsters to copy and duplicate it. At first, the basic structure of the BTC emblem consisted of three elements: a rectangle, a small circle, and a curved line. Later, Nakamoto corrected the official symbol by adding two vertical strokes – dashes at the top and bottom. Bitboy created the current version.

The numerical sign for block “B” is the figure eight (8). A pair of lines at the top and bottom of the capital letter should be associated with the dollar. But if you look closely, you will notice that the stroke on the badge is incomplete and differs from the dollar one. This makes the graphic look like “B” is superimposed on “$” and overlaps it. This technique has a special interpretation: it is time to oust the old currency and replace it with a new one – bitcoins.

Bitcoin Symbol

The inscription “bitcoin” in the text part is oblique, executed in lower case letters. The font is sleek, sans serif. Symbols “i” are the same height as “t,” which has half of the horizontal stroke cut off. The tops “b” and “t” are cut at an angle to the left, and the pointed ends are on the right. Initial attempts to incorporate the BTC distinctive mark into the Unicode system have failed. But at the end of 2015, bitcoin was officially registered and received its symbol.

A cryptocurrency palette consists of a combination of several colors. The inscription can be colored white or gray, the designation of the virtual unit of account – only in white, the coin – in orange, the background – in black or white. The yellow-orange range is perceived naturally because it is associated with the shine of gold.