Alba Hurup Larsen Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Alba Hurup Larsen Logo

Alba Hurup Larsen, a 15-year-old Danish race car driver, has revealed a new logo and brand identity for Alba Racing, designed by Athletics. This branding effort captures her dynamic presence in motorsport, reflecting her youthful energy and professional skill on the racetrack.

The new logo features an extra bold geometric sans serif typeface. Alba’s name is presented in lowercase using circular and vertical lines reminiscent of race car tires. This bold design emphasizes confidence and strength, essential traits for a young racer in a male-dominated sport.

Accompanying the wordmark is a minimalist icon showing subtle facial gestures beneath a large racing helmet. This icon conveys determination and focus while maintaining a playful touch, reflecting Alba’s youthful exuberance. The design balances the serious nature of racing with the lighter aspects of a teenager’s personality.

Alba Hurup Larsen Emblem

The brand identity includes a modern take on the traditional checkered racing flag. This element features a vibrant color palette and smooth animations, creating a dynamic and visually interesting pattern. The youthful, confident, and energetic colors align with Alba Racing’s image and approach to the sport.

The secondary typography in the branding system uses an italic sans serif in a lighter weight, evoking speed and clarity. This complements the primary wordmark and reinforces the theme of racing and motion.

The new branding shines in merchandise and livery graphics. The versatile wordmark impacts race cars, promotional materials, and merchandise. This adaptability ensures a consistent and recognizable brand presence across different platforms.

Alba Hurup Larsen Symbol

The initial rollout shows the brand’s potential to evolve as Alba continues her motorsport journey. The vibrant color palette and bold typography provide a solid foundation for future marketing and promotion.

One charming aspect of the new identity is the dangling bits from the rearview mirror, adding a touch of youthful innocence and personality. These details remind us that, despite her impressive achievements, Alba is still a playful teenager. This balance of boldness and playfulness is a key strength of the new brand identity.