Imby Pet Food – the new identity of the best pet food

Imby Pet Food Logo

Our smaller friends respond with pleasure and gratitude to those who care for them and give affection. And it doesn’t have to be limited to pets. Imby Pet Food, a manufacturer of natural-based feed, also shows its love and care in practice. The brand’s offerings are based on innovative technologies that can move from traditional meat to low-CO2 alternative offerings. Being a novelty, these products have not yet received proper recognition and distribution, which requires a special approach to their promotion. The created visualization aimed more at the young consumer audience, which today is the most informed and involved in all innovative solutions. The brand’s visual presentation was carried out in such a way that, as awareness increases, the brand grows, and changes can be easily made.

Imby Pet Food New Logo

A person demonstrates his attitude to the Planet, first of all, through his attitude towards his younger friends and how he cares for and feeds them. The brand proposes to exclude livestock from the diet and reduce the huge methane emissions from the consumption of meat products. A wide variety of presented fragrant recipes based on insects and plants gives each pet the necessary boost of energy, keeping it healthy protecting the body from harmful effects and allergic reactions. Enjoying the unsurpassed taste, every pet will have a lot of fun and always be cheerful and playful, as symbolized by the stylized image of a well-fed friend’s face. Animation processing of the logo easily turns a smile into a rather wagging dog’s tail, which is a continuation of the letter “y” of the text part of the logo.

Imby Pet Food Symbol

The simple, crisp, and easily customizable Good Boy Sans font used in the title text block is in lower case. It is distinguished by the absence of serifs and sharp corners. The name itself takes on a cheerful character, enhanced by fluffy elements at the end of the letter “y” and replacing the dot above the “i.” Typography and visuals play a major role in shaping the desired visual impact. It provides the logo with unsurpassed charm, providing a clear transfer of forms and the required perception. This effectively expresses the brand’s strong personality, making it easy to remember and read both in typographic and digital versions.

By emphasizing the brand name, the company indicated the importance of its mission. Simplified packaging creates the effect of purity and sincerity, and a bright color palette allows you to separate products by their composition – red with recipes from insects, green – vegetable.