Albany FireWolves debut with a new logo

FireWolves Logo

Albany FireWolves of the National League will be greeted with a new logo at the Times Union Center to start the new season Times Union Center. The need for such a change was driven not only by the team members’ desire but also by the sponsors, fans, and supporters of the club from Albany. On July 2, 2021, a new version was presented to the public, which will replace the April version with a bared wolf’s head profile. A combination of several contrasting and rather aggressive color shades was applied to it – dark red, fiery red, dark purple, and gray. The structure of the logo strongly resembled the emblem of the Seawolves Club of Stony Brook University. This similarity, most likely, was the main reason for such an urgent change in the image of “fire wolves.”

FireWolves New Logo

The new logo, which was created considering the problems with the first option, is radically different from the previous one. First of all, it affected the image itself and the entire color scheme of the logo. Its development was commissioned by Upside Collective, an Albany-based design agency specializing in professional rebranding, graphics, web design, video production, and visual effects development and production.

FireWolves Emblem

The new emblem is a grinning wolf head, depicted in full face, surrounded by flames. The designers conveyed the feeling of rage and strength with which the wolf appears in readiness to jump out of the flame. Below, in the expanding hearth of the fire, is the name of the company. The fire zone and flames are made using a dark red color, separating it from the general black background with a white and light brown border that exactly repeats the color of the wolf’s head in its shade. The original solution – highlighting the pupils in green, which is not used anywhere else in the image, significantly enhances the impact on the viewer. The LACROSSE CLUB text is positioned under the fire symbol, pushing its edges apart. This inscription is very well perceived on a black background, executed in a smaller font in the same color shade as the wolf.

FireWolves Before and After Logo (history)

Summing up the situation with the Albany FireWolves logo, we can say that the new version of the emblem is not just unique. Designers managed to convey not only the power, strength, characteristics of the team. Their talent made it possible to create a feeling of movement, the willingness of the wolf to jump out of the flame and defeat the opponent. The logo turned out to be quite emotional and very consistent with the spirit and purposefulness of the team.