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The Alight Motion logo visualizes the functionality of the application it represents. Creative flight of thought is materialized in several strokes, allegorically conveying the utility’s options. It confirms that imagination, supported by digital programs, is capable of a great deal.

Alight Motion: Brand overview

Alight Motion is an application for editing videos on a smartphone. This is its basic purpose, expanded over time with the introduction of many tools and resources. Thanks to them, it has become the world’s first utility for motion design. Initially, the digital program was intended for gadgets operating on Android but was later adapted for the iOS platform as well. The software was created by Alight Creative, Inc. and launched in 2018.

Meaning and History

Alight Motion Logo History

Interestingly, the company owning this application appeared a year after it. The utility was launched in 2018 and soon gained great popularity among users. Seeing such a frenzy around the digital product, the developer decided to register under the same name in 2019 to confirm their rights to it officially. Subsequently, he repeatedly improved the original software for mobile devices, expanding its functionality and, consequently, working capabilities. Eventually, an ordinary video editing program grew into a powerful tool for creativity.

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is one of the first applications in the world for working with animation graphics on smartphones. It allows users to edit videos, compose them, add visual special effects, and use professional-level animation. For this purpose, the utility offers various drawing tools (vector-based and freehand), multi-layered graphics, an audio library, vector shapes, and other images. The program was launched in 2018 by Alight Creative, Inc.

2018 – today

Alight Motion Logo

The Alight Motion logo is a universe represented as a black square with rounded corners. Against its background, several short lines seem to orbit around the center. One stripe (the outer one) is shaped like a semicircle, while the others are much smaller and look like incomplete strokes. The shortest one – the innermost – resembles a smudged drop. All have identical ends: pointed on the left and rounded on the right.

At the same time, the lines are not chaotic; they are systematic and spaced equally apart. That is, the width of the space between them is identical in all cases. The emblem looks like a modern smartphone camera with a focal center, symbolizing a lens with reflected light flares.

Font and Colors

Alight Motion Emblem

Since the Alight Motion logo serves as an icon for the application, it does not contain any inscriptions. This is due to the convenience of arranging the icon on mobile device displays, where graphics are more important than text. The official palette consists of two colors: black (used as the background) and pale turquoise (used for the circular light flares).

Alight Motion Symbol