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The Canva logo looks like the result of work from this graphic service. At first glance, it seems simple as it consists of standard elements. However, the designers used unusual decorating techniques, making the emblem festively optimistic.

Canva: Brand overview

Founder:Melanie Perkins, Clifford Obrecht, Cameron Adams
Sydney, Australia
The Canva application is a cross-platform graphic service that allows you to create complex, unique graphic objects – fonts, logos, icons, images – based on a library of ready-made elements templates and stock photos. The service is available to all internet users, including a Russian-language version since 2017, a mobile application for Android, and a template library for schools in Russia since 2018.

Meaning and History

Canva Logo History

The company was founded on January 1, 2012, by graphic designer Melanie Perkins in Sydney, Australia. Over two years, 150 thousand users regularly used the new possibilities of online graphic design, creating logos, labels, and pictures for the internet. In 2014, Guy Kawasaki, a social media and technology cult expert, joined the project. By 2019, the service’s capitalization reached 1 billion dollars, with a staff of fewer than 200 people working in three offices – in Sydney, Milan, and Beijing.

Since 2019, the service has created avatars for Instagram and other social networks based on your photos and pictures.

According to founder Melanie Perkins, the company started with an idea. The second step was creating a logo that had to stand out from others, be memorable, and carry deep meaning.

Canva New Logo

The name Canva has a French origin and means “the basis of something.” In the Russian language, ‘kanva’ is a fabric for embroidery placed in a round hoop for stretching.

The idea of the sign came naturally: the base – a perfect circle of bright turquoise color, on which the name Canva is embroidered in white. The round shape also denotes perfection and emphasizes the company’s core values: accessibility, loyalty, honesty, and creativity.

What is Canva?

Canva is a cross-platform graphic design service. It’s a workspace where you can create logos by dragging and dropping. It is based on interchangeable templates and fonts. The service has been operating since 2012.

2013 – 2021

Canva Logo 2013-2021

The Australian online platform for creating graphics was launched in 2013. It was called Canva and had a logo containing the corresponding inscription. It was a blue-green handwritten wordmark. Designers portrayed elegant letters by connecting them. Only the first “C” was in the upper case, slightly shifted down, protruding beyond the conventional border. The same shift was observed at the last “a”: its tail was directed to the lower left corner. The developers tried to balance the asymmetry by making it two-sided.

Despite the rather wide lines, the logo looked refined. And all thanks to decorative elements adorning the glyphs. This refers to the teardrop loop at the lowercase letter “v” and an unusual twisted stroke at the top of both “a”s.

2021 – today

Canva Logo

In 2021, Canva decided to update its old logo with its team of specialists. It also hired lettering artist Rob Clarke to make the work productive. As a result of this collaboration, the logo became more dynamic, as the designers used a gradient: a transition from light blue in the top left corner to bright purple on the right side.

The font was also changed, although the handwriting was preserved. Letters became cleaner. Both “a”s look the same: they are classic glyphs without the swirls and open lines that were there before. The capital letter “C” has decreased, although it is still large compared to the lowercase characters.

Font and Colors

Canva Emblem

Smooth and intricate lines of handwritten letters symbolize the artistic direction of the service, but the main emphasis is made on the attractive color. Turquoise is a symbol of life-affirming energy and renewal, while white speaks of purity and the ability to create everything necessary from scratch.

Canva Symbol

Canva color codes

Maximum Blue GreenHex color:#01c3cc
RGB:1 195 204
CMYK:100 4 0 20
Pantone:PMS 3262 C
BlueHex color:#2a89ad
RGB:42 137 218
CMYK:81 37 0 15
Pantone:PMS 632 C
Blue VioletHex color:#7d2ae7
RGB:125 42 231
CMYK:46 82 0 9
Pantone:PMS Violet C


Does Canva own your logo?

Yes, Canva owns your logo: the products we create are not the property of our users. Primarily, based on common layouts and templates, your logo may look like someone else’s because it’s a free-access system.

How to make a cool logo?

To quickly create a cool logo, you can use graphic services. One of them is called Canva. It will help you get a great icon, personal emblem, or logo for free, as it contains ready-made templates, fonts, and layouts.

How to create a logo in Canva?

You need to go to the Canva website. Then, you need to select a layout or design it from scratch. Adjust shapes, symbols, and colors. Add and edit text (name, slogan). Save the result of the work.

Is the Canva logo free?

Yes, it’s a free service. The logomaker allows free use of built-in templates for graphics, images, shots, and fonts. Users can freely create any logo based on them.