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Microsoft Word Logo

Microsoft Word Logo
Microsoft Word Logo PNG

Microsoft Word, abbreviated as MS Word, WinWord, and just Word, is the most popular text editor in the world that allows you to create, edit, and view text documentsโ€”included in Microsoft Office. Now the text editor works in 92 languages โ€‹โ€‹, and in the world, it is used by more than half a billion people.

Meaning and History

Microsoft Word Logo History
Microsoft Word Logo Evolution

The first version of Microsoft Word was created in 1983 by the programmer Richard Brodie based on the Bravo editor. At that time, another editor, WordPerfect, was very popular in the USA. But Brody quickly orientated himself, eliminated all the flaws, and two years later released Word 3.01 for Macintosh, and a year later – an updated version for Windows 3.0. The WordPerfect editor was outdated, but couldnโ€™t work with Windows at all, and Word became the editor in chief in the USA and the world. Moreover, in addition to a text editor, new versions of Microsoft Word included graphical tools, the ability to embed various objects and multilingual support

The Microsoft Word logo was created in 1983 and since then has been updated every 3-5 years with the advent of a new version. The experts consider the current option today the most successful and most appropriate capabilities of the latest version.


Microsoft Word Logo 1983-1987

The first logo was simple – the name of the editor MICROSOFT WORD is written on the black plate in white capital letters, the central letter is depicted in the form of concentric circles. The Word is underlined by a thin white stripe, under it the slogan of the Word Processing Programm in small print.


Microsoft Word Logo 1987-1991

With the advent of an improved version of Word 3.0, and then Word 3.01, a full-fledged logo was created. The emblem depicted a sheet of paper with printed small unreadable font test. Above it, in large Microsoft letters, on top are two small sheets placed at an angle. On the top sheet is a purple emblem with the letter W. In the foreground is another voluminous letter W with a bright yellow facade. Several dozens of fonts appeared in the editor, including those with the 3D effect, as well as the ability to color-fill the background and the text itself.


Microsoft Word Logo 1991-1993

The emblem was slightly modified – it became twice as much. A thin black border was added to the background square, and a shadow on the right, which began to depict a stack of printed sheets. The name has not changed, of the two small sheets left 1, with a blue-green square, and the voluminous letter W received a bright azure color.


Microsoft Word Logo 1993-1995

The logo was changed radically, making it softer. A sheet of paper is depicted horizontally, and with a wave, the letter W has moved up, has become vertical, inclined, and with large serifs.


Microsoft Word Logo 1995-1999

In 1995, a new, revolutionary at that time version of Word 7.0 appeared in the Office 95 suite. The logo was changed with it – the sheet was placed at an angle, the large letter W was branded in color on the left, and the square with the fill was moved to the right. Feature – all lines consist of โ€œpicture element,โ€ which are now called pixels. This option was recognized as the most unsuccessful in the image.


Microsoft Word Logo 1999-2003

The next cardinal transformation in both design and color. A white and blue color scheme with a gradient was selected. The white square is enclosed in a blue frame, in the center is a large letter W of blue color.


Microsoft Word Logo 2003-2007

Minor changes – the emblem decreased in size, and the plain blue was replaced with a tinted stretch from blue to blue.


Microsoft Word Logo 2007-2010

Word 2007 moved to the international standard Open XML, and the logo has changed a lot. Again we returned to the idea of โ€‹โ€‹a white sheet with stylized text and the letter W. In the background is a blue square with a rounded corner.


Microsoft Word Logo 2010-2013

The design has slightly changed in terms of the movement of individual elements of the logo, although its visual perception has remained the same.


Microsoft Word Logo 2013-2019

In 2013, Word changed not only the functionality but also the interface, became softer, more understandable, and many new features were added. The logo also received a new image – in the form of an open book with text and the letter W on the cover. The color scheme is blue and white.


Microsoft Word Logo 2019-present

Users are presented with a new improved Microsoft Office Word 2019 and a new editor logo. The background plate consists of 4 wide stripes of different shades of blue, which symbolizes the versatility of the program. Front left – a small square plate in blue with a signature white letter W.

As you can see, the designers went from the opposite: the Microsoft Word logo simplified and became more refined in design, and the editor itself became more complicated.