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The Zoom platform offers a wide variety of video communications products and services. It connects mobile and computer owners through voice chats, webinars, and video meetings. This is a promising project of the Chinese-American billionaire Eric S. Yuan, under whose leadership the Saasbee Corporation was founded in 2011, and the Zoom program was launched in 2013.

Meaning and History

Zoom Logo History
Evolution of the Zoom Logo

The video telephony service logo hasn’t changed since it first appeared. The developers took a simple path, depicting the platform name in lowercase without additional elements. The simple and catchy design has become a distinctive feature of the program. It is also a recognizable wordmark of Zoom Video Communications Corporation, which owns the innovative product and all rights to the brand identity.

The Zoom logo appears as light blue lettering with rounded corners. It reflects the basic principles of the brand: minimalism, simplicity, boldness. A marketing team worked on the design, which was responsible for the overall concept and for creating the type. She also approved the only permitted version of the logo: the blue word “zoom” on a white background. Other versions with additional elements, modifications, and changing colors are considered a violation of the branding rules.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Zoom Emblem

The corporation’s name and its main product are written in an original typeface created specifically for Zoom. Several corners “z” and “m” are rounded, and the rest are elongated and slightly curved to resemble short serifs. But this is only the author’s stylization. There are no serifs here because the letters’ general outline was borrowed from the Kaleko 205 typeface.

The developers took the modern grotesque as a basis and changed it, having their version for the video communication platform’s logo. This font was chosen as the base font for its excellent readability, versatility, and balance. Rounded edges give the lettering a friendly look.

The customized lettering complements the basic Zoom Video Communications – Lato typeface. The developers specifically sought this because they needed to create a coherent brand identity. As a result, the logo is inextricably linked with other elements of the platform’s visual identity – the corporate font and palette.

Zoom Symbol

The color scheme is based on the original shade called Zoom Blue (# 2D8CFF) – one of the azure color options. It is used for the lettering, depicted on a blank white background (#FFFFFF). This combination emphasizes the minimalism of the word mark and reminds Zoom’s main principle – bold simplicity. The same cool blue tint is found in everything related to video telephony services. He is an accent in the design of the company’s website, program, and advertising materials.