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The fun and playful Discord logo symbolizes the friendly atmosphere of the messaging system. The gaming style is linked to the fact that the messenger was created for esports athletes and gamers. Despite this, the image features symmetry, bringing order to the emblem.

Discord: Brand overview

Founded:May 13, 2015
Founder:Jason Citron, Stanislav Vishnevsky
Discord is a service for exchanging text, voice, and video messages that appeared in 2015. The messenger works on most operating systems and supports several languages. Its first users were gaming communities and esports athletes, but then, people with various interests joined them.

Meaning and History

Discord Logo History

The app has its own icon that is easily recognizable. It consists of two parts: on the left, a blue dialogue cloud with a graphic symbol; on the right, a stylized inscription “DISCORD.” The hand-drawn element looks abstract and resembles a game console controller with short handles. This explanation sounds plausible, as the service was created for gamers. But Discord’s official version is completely different: the logo depicts a robot named Clyde, a friendly character that helps messenger users.

What is Discord?

It’s a free messenger owned by the eponymous company. It is suitable for various operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux) and supports many languages. The first release of the application dates back to 2015.

2015 – 2021

Discord Logo 2015-2021

The logo features the application’s main mascot, so the designers paid attention to details. The robot’s head is inside a dialogue cloud, which is very symbolic, considering Discord’s focus. The style is modern yet friendly: the lower semicircular protrusion resembles a smile, and many angles are smoothed. This was done to attract new users and encourage them to communicate.

Although the logo designers used the Uni Sans Heavy font, they significantly modified it. The original, created in 2008 by Svet Simov, looks more formal. Discord has a stylized font, especially the letter “D” with partially erased vertical strokes.

Discord Emblem

The dialogue cloud and text are executed in Vista Blue color (#738ADB): Clyde’s robot head, white space, and background.

2021 – today

Discord Logo 2021-Present

After the redesign for the messenger’s 6th anniversary and social network Discord, Clyde’s robot shape remained the same. Only minor details changed. For example, the upper spikes (antennas) merged with the main body of the head and turned into trapezoidal protrusions, similar to ears. The lower stroke was slightly shortened, making the smile appear more restrained.

Significant changes affected the inscriptions: instead of a “robotic” font with a truncated “D” letter, a practical, rounded font appeared. All letters (except the first) were converted to lowercase. In addition, the designers removed the dialogue window and transferred the blue-violet color to the robot, which was previously white.

Font and Colors

Discord Emblem

For the first version of the logo, the developers created an original font based on Uni Sans Heavy and Compose Black. The left part of the letter “D” was cut at an angle, showing a sharp angle. For the second version, they chose a softer font with round, bold, lowercase letters. The letters are light and streamlined, demonstrating the friendliness and openness of the application.

The color palette was completely preserved. The company representatives call it turquoise, although it is actually a shade of blue-violet #7298DA. It contrasts pleasantly with white, adding a friendly aura to the logo. According to the creators, such colors emphasize the atmosphere of unhindered communication and freedom of expression.

Discord Symbol

Discord color codes

BlurpleHex color:#5865F2
RGB:88 101 42
CMYK:64 58 0 5
Pantone:PMS 2716 C


What does the Discord service logo represent?

The service logo consists of an icon and a wordmark. On the left is an image of a game controller, stylized as a smiling face with round eyes. And on the right is the word Discord, typed in bold geometric font. Both elements are blue in color.

What animal is depicted on the Discord logo?

There are no animals on the messenger logo – it features an abstract smiling emoticon. Discord claimed that this is the head of a bot named Clyde, but users speculated that it resembles another character, Wumpus.

What color is the Discord logo?

Since 2015, the main color of the Discord logo has been Vista Blue (#738ADB).

Who created the Discord logo?

The 2021 logo was developed by the Discord team in collaboration with designers from the creative studio Koto. They modernized the classic icon and changed the font.