Allspring’s new blooming logo

Allspring Logo

Not so long ago, Wells Fargo Asset Management announced a rebranding to open up new promising horizons.

Wells Fargo’s Allspring Global Investments business unit was engaged in asset management, and now the new brand has launched an identity with an updated naming – Allspring.

Design firm Wolff Olins worked with management to develop a global strategic vision that will make Allspring an independent company committed to breathing a new era of investing and generating financial returns.

The new brand focuses on growth, innovation, commitment to delivering positive results for customers and communities. It is designed to show the way to new heights of success, attract new customers and show the prospects for cooperation. Investing, which is viewed from a new angle, is an interest of representatives of the financial services industry and partners from related industries, eager for opportunities to expand their business.

Allspring New Logo

Starting with the naming of the Allspring company, the initiators of the new brand image took a right and profitable marketing path. The name indicates growth, dynamics, prosperity, enrichment, a fresh look at everyday concepts. This links human history with sustainable partnerships and constant growth.

Previously, the logo looked quite universal, impersonal, official, as is usually used in various offices. This is a light brown shade of a square in which the name Wells Fargo is inscribed in white letters. And next to it, there is a light gray rectangle that contains part of the name – Asset Management. There is no trend of creativity, the brightness of images, variegated colors. On the other hand, too bright colors are not needed for this kind of company because otherwise, the credibility of the official representation decreases. The adequacy of the perception of the mission and the transmitted meanings in the logo will be raised.

Allspring Emblem

This is not to say that the old logo was unsuccessful, that it had to be changed. He is good in his way, just quite ordinary and clumsy. But clear and concise.

The current image is much more interesting. Firstly, the love for serifs has been preserved, only they are not intrusive and are rarer in the new font type, in contrast to the early logo, where serifs were in every letter. The second point is a gentle and calm blue color. He does not dazzle in the eyes, does not repulse, but offers to look at him again.

Allspring Before and After Logo (history)

Perhaps the most unexpected and creative decision in the new identity was the Allspring symbol. These are rounded triangles inscribed in a blue square, visually resembling a Christmas tree due to negative space. And looking at such a solution, it becomes interesting to analyze what is primary – the blue background of the square or still two tiers of white triangles. With all this, a new association also arises because, on closer inspection, you can see that the four rounded blue triangles are rotated in different corners, indicating different directions of the company, services, and perspectives.

This design solution looks good, looks expensive, and reliable. Undoubtedly, the new look of the brand and the new name will become attractive to customers, which will induce them closer cooperation and acquaintance with the company.