Ambitions in the design of the new currency Worldcoin

Worldcoin Logo

Recently, the public was presented with a new global currency, which is collectively owned. Its peculiarity is that it will be fairly distributed among the maximum possible number of people.

The idea of ​​creating Worldcoin arose because, by analogy with the Internet, which is full of various connections, including social applications, email, marketplaces, it is possible to create a powerful currency that will grow thanks to the growing number of participants. In this sense, cryptocurrency allows you to transfer ownership and control over networks to users, not just one person.

As you know, based on insider data, only 3% of the population in the world is involved in cryptocurrency networks. According to the reasoning of the sphere leaders, if cryptocurrency were adopted on a large scale, it would be possible to avoid numerous collapses in the global economy.

Each participant in the cryptocurrency process can quickly transfer their currency into the hands of as many people as possible, allowing each participant to claim its free share. At the same time, there are two nuances – the bot effect (it will be necessary to confirm that a participant is a real person), the problem of getting a free share earlier (you will have to check this thanks to the appropriate verification mechanisms).

Worldcoin New Logo

The initiators of the new currency gave an interesting message: can the participant in the process prove to himself that he exists without resorting to a discussion about himself?

This question formulation is not a question of testing uniqueness but more like a philosophical, existential question.

The design of the new cryptocurrency is straightforward. This is a black color, an unpretentious oblong even font, and a sign. We can say that the icon looks like a planet with axes or a star. The logo was created using the game of negative space. The black axes try to hold the circle with no visible colored outline.

Worldcoin Emblem

A lot of ideas come to mind when looking at such a logo. It points to some cellular biological processes and resembles a chemical and physical symbol. Even the astrological meaning is visible – a star with several ends, rounded inward. Looking at the logo from this side, one might think that the presented currency is a new star lit up on the cryptocurrency market.

It will be possible to talk about the success and attractiveness of this design only after a while because it is necessary to understand what obstacles potential users will have to develop the crypto sphere.

Unfortunately, most people do not feel stability in the current economic conditions, which makes them wary of their participation in various financial processes that are unknown to them. It is possible that with the release of the new currency, there will be more people interested in joint earnings in the Internet economy.