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Service for communication supports the atmosphere of openness and friendliness, so its logo looks informal. The Amino logo is when the designer’s idea is embodied unusually. It symbolizes the close connection between the interlocutors.

Amino: Brand overview

Founded:January 2012
Founder:Narvii, Inc.
United States
Amino is an application designed to allow users to join communities to communicate on relevant topics. The first release of the software took place in 2014. However, the first work was already done in 2012. It was developed by Narvii, Inc. Ben Anderson and Ying Wong played a special role in launching the project. Thanks to the intuitive interface, the user can find the right group in a few minutes and start exchanging views.

Meaning and History

Amino Logo History

In the short time, the application has been in operation, there have been three logos. All of them were made in a fairly minimalist style, without unnecessary elements. Also, several icons were developed for displaying on mobile devices.

What is Amino?

At a minimum, it is an opportunity, even in a situation when a person is lonely, to find an opportunity to communicate. The convenience of the online application is that it is not difficult for a person to find the topic of interest among hundreds of thousands of options.

2013 – 2014

Amino Logo 2013

Perhaps the first version of the Amino logo was the most friendly and positive towards the target audience. The right side of the logo featured the name of the app, while the head of a smiling monkey occupied the left side. It looks positive and tries to convey an identical atmosphere to Amino users. Because the primate is looking directly at the screen, we can assume he is looking for eye contact with the users. Perhaps everyone will find something unique in this image. The monkey is completely in blue and white color. Bright shades only add to the positivity. The big eyes of the animal deserve special attention.

The verbal inscription was made in a classic style with rounded and oval shapes. They also indicate the friendly tone of the logo. A blue color was also used for the name, which can be associated with the communication.

2014 – 2015

Amino Logo 2014

The first redesign resulted in a much simpler logo. It became more concise and minimalistic. It is primarily about removing the image of a monkey, which users liked. The friendly, rounded corners were also removed. Instead, the traditional style of lettering was used. Also, the color was changed from blue to lettuce as well.

2015 – today

Amino Logo

The latest, to date, redesign solved the main problem and negative feature of the previous version, namely modesty and lack of originality. This was done through the use of the italic font. The horizontal stripe in the letter “A” became diagonal, gradually going up and connecting the character with “m.” All letters became narrower but also more user-friendly. Also, unlike its predecessor, only the “A” is capitalized here. Also, it should be noted that the dot over the “i” is relatively high. The monkey, beloved by many, is not back.


Amino Icons Logo History

Amino used to have many different apps, one for each community. Everything changed in 2016 when Narvii, Inc. united them, creating a centralized portal. The online service is available on different operating systems, so its icon is familiar to many users. It looks like an LED sign: a white “A” glowing against a dark background.

2015 – 2019

Amino Icons Logo 2015

Given that Amino is an online app, one of the company’s assignments was to create an icon to place on mobile devices. The first version was the letter “A,” which was completely similar to the style from the last logo variation, except for the color. It was a gradient of pink and orange, creating a positive effect on the user. The letter was on a square background with rounded corners and an outline made using the same color palette as the letter. The letter’s background was light green with white rays creating a source of fantasy and light.

2019 – today

Amino Icons Logo 2019

This version of the icon is darker than the previous one. It is a gray letter “A” with a glow at the ends. It is inside a dark blue circle with several contours of different thicknesses, three of which are depicted with a gradient of blue. Outside the last outline are several circles, which are placed in small circles of purple and blue. The frame is a square with rounded corners.

Font and Colors

Amino Emblem

The main “chip” of the Amino online application is the classic italic font with an unusual lettering style. Thus, it gives the impression that the inscription is made by hand, which is extremely important when many people feel disconnected from society and lack attention.

Amino Symbol

At all stages of the app, a bright color palette was used to create a positive mood. We are talking about blue and light green colors. Thus, Amino stood out from the competition, creating a peaceful atmosphere of communication between people. The software creators tried to attract the attention of millions of users by creating the necessary working environment.

Amino color codes

Medium Sea GreenHex color:#3cc182
RGB:60 193 130
CMYK:69 0 33 24
Pantone:PMS 3405 C