Andara is a new food brand

Andara Logo

Produced by the Peruvian company Kiria Foods, the Andara brand, which began production in 2021, has acquired its visual identity. The brand results from the company’s collaboration with producers of organic quinoa and canihua, popular in Peru. Kiria Foods has all the modern technology to ensure process control, high quality, and guarantee the safety of products in strict accordance with international requirements. This is confirmed by the presence of organic certificates, allowing the product to be sold in the European and United States markets. All brand features and a brand ideology based on shared values, innovative approaches, and respect for the environment were fully. They are reflected in the creation of brand identity by designers of Boost Studio (Lima, Peru).

Andara New Logo

The idea of creating an identity for an entirely new product was based on the desire to break down previously created and appropriated labels. With its boldness and openness, a package was formed that challenged everything that had been previously accepted and established in the category. The result was a simple and effective structure with a bright and bold aesthetic while ensuring its meaningfulness. The logo was not only created with the features and requirements of modern technology to ensure its quality and clarity. Inspired by the energy and influence of the brand, the designers were able to develop a spectacular and attractive visual system based on the principles of modern minimalism. A structure and a new way of displaying the product, its corporate identity, and a system of iconic interpretations were created.

The logo is characterized by the compression and density of elements, creating a dramatic effect with the help of counter space. The graphic image of the text relied on the original execution of the letter A, as high as the space allocated to it allows, providing support and a window for the design of the quinoa. The repetition of the letter in the name provides a unique visual rhythm. The appeal is enhanced by using a colorful band above the “A” and ink traps in the letters that help improve the readability of the text.

Andara Symbol

The color palette plays an important role in shaping visual language. With its help, color blocking is created, which provides quality contrast and attractiveness of the label on the package. The graphic design of the product itself viewed through the transparent area also looks interesting.

In general, the visualization has opened a new level to reflect the admiration for all the properties of such a venerable and old-fashioned grain and products made of it.