Antalis unveils new corporate identity for Olin paper

Olin Logo

Designers from Design & Practice worked on visual identity.

Antalis is a leading paper and industrial packaging company. Estimate the company’s scale: operates in 31 countries, serves more than 110,000 customers, employs 4,000 people in a team. An even more impressive decision concerns the rebranding of one of its products, Olin high-quality paper. We are all used to the total rebranding of entire companies, but why not focus only on a specific product?

Olin New Logo

Olin paper was for designers, and the brand identity was rather dated in a competitive market. The main idea of ​​rebranding is paper for inspiration and embodiment of bold fantasies and ideas. The range of paper is presented in 16 weights and three finishes. The product’s logo is the name Olin in a beautiful typeface TypeType’s TT Norms sans serif. The accent in the logo is placed on the perfectly round letter “O.” The designers left the motifs of the past logo in the form of cut corners on the letters. The team came up with a good font that also looks good with numbers.

For digital channels, including social networks, Design & Practice created paper images that show the product’s texture well. Additionally, the company presented a set of different materials, for example, for inspiration. They show the textures and capabilities of paper. With the help of such elements, designers will be able to more easily assess the quality of the product and how the designs will look on the materials.

Olin Old and New Logo (history)

The accent element of the entire style is the ideal letter “O,” which is also used for packaging all the presented designs. It can be seen on the envelope packaging as a centered sticker. The “O” also acts as a central element on the packaging with pictures for inspiration. The perfect circle is the basis of the designs themselves within the kits. The paper in the new packaging looks stylish.