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ANZ Logo

ANZ Logo

ANZ is a multinational financial and banking structure. Its full name is Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. It is the second-largest bank in Australia in terms of assets, third in terms of market capitalization, and fourth in terms of population coverage. This organization became an independent service in 1951 after two of the largest market players: Union Bank of Australia Limited and Bank of Australasia. It is currently headquartered in Melbourne, from where it works with both New Zealand and Australian clients.

Meaning and History

ANZ Logo History
Evolution of the ANZ Logo

Based on the companies that founded ANZ, its roots go back a long way. Bank of Australasia appeared in 1835 and subsequently merged with another specialized institution – Cornwall Bank, formed in Launceston (Van Diemens Land) in 1828. And Union Bank of Australia was founded by a group of individuals led by banker George Fife Angas. Then several significant mergers were undertaken, influencing the structure of the modern financial service and its logo.

At first, the company operated in Europe, and in the late 70s of the last century, it transferred its registration from the UK and settled in Australia. Now it is an extensive international banking organization. It has many subsidiaries that operate in 34 countries and serve nearly 10 million people worldwide. In Australia, the bank has 570 branches with 6 million clients.

Each significant stage of ANZ’s work was reflected in the change of identity. This financial institution changed its official attributes four times. And in total, he has five logos.

1951 – 1970

ANZ Logo 1951-1970

The debut emblem was created as soon as two major banks formed ANZ. A classic shield was taken as a basis – wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The developers have divided it into three parts. The upper segment contained an abbreviation made up of the full name of the banking organization. They were thin white serifs set against a wide blue stripe. The middle part was dividing and included a thin white line with three round signs. The bottom was designed like a chessboard: it consisted of blue and white squares that alternated.

1970 – 1988

ANZ Logo 1970-1988

In 1970, the bank undertook a redesign, opting for a visually complex but very progressive logo. Its new concept was minimalism, for which the authors discarded all unnecessary details and concentrated only on the name of the service. As a result, the emblem turned into three large geometric shapes: the triangle stood for “A,” vertical rectangles for “N,” and “Z.” Their design was unique as it consisted of mini-elements. The first letter consisted of a triangle and a trapezoid; the other two consisted of triangles and rhombuses rotated in the mirror. White diagonal lines separated them.

1988 – 2001

ANZ Logo 1988-2001

After the redesign, the inscription “ANZ” became more readable because the bank’s management abandoned the version with huge geometric shapes. In the updated emblem, the center of all letters was linear: it consisted of an alternation of four white and three blue stripes of the same width. But the signs themselves remained massive, and they also contained rectangles, squares, triangles, but of a smaller size. The palette has also changed: instead of sea green, cobalt was used.

2001 – 2009

ANZ Logo 2001-2009

The developers revised the bank’s identity again and offered a slightly corrected version of the old logo. He got a heavenly shade and cursive letters. Some of them have been rounded at the corners to inspire a sense of reliability and customer loyalty.

2009 – present

ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking) Logo 2009-present

The number of lanes was reduced from four to one. Although the italics are gone, the roundness of the corners has been preserved. The color also remained the same. However, innovation was also an icon that the designers placed to the right of the bank’s name. It is an abstract graphic element. A person and a flower are encrypted in it at the same time. That is, a flourishing bank user. It contains upward growth dynamics. To the right and the left are half-discs; above them is an open circle with a white center. All elements are colored blue.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

ANZ Emblem

The symbols of this banking institution varied from simple to complex. If there was only one element in the logo, there are two of them: a name and a personal sign. But the color scheme passed from the emblem to the emblem. She was always blue – only the shades vary. The emblem in the form of large geometric shapes stylized as letters looks especially futuristic. Trapezoid, elongated rhombus, and two types of triangles were originally composed of letters.

ANZ Symbol

Despite the text’s presence, in this case, we cannot speak of a standard font because the inscription is made by an individual typeface stylized as strict geometric symbols. Sans Serif font has been used where there are clear inscriptions. Moreover, modern letters have never had serifs, and the abbreviation itself is in upper case. The color scheme contains only blue in several variations – from emerald to heavenly.