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The Apple Pay logo emphasizes that the payment system belongs to a major gadget developer. Therefore, the emblem evokes trust and a sense of reliability. Payment for the goods will be easy, and the remaining funds will be completely safe.

Apple Pay: Brand overview

Founded:October 20, 2014
Founder:Apple Inc.
United States
Apple Pay has several significant advantages over other payment systems. It allows you to quickly and securely pay for goods and services using wireless data transfer technology. It is used even at the checkout stage: customers can provide the necessary information with one touch using the Apple Watch smartwatch or Touch ID and Face ID biometric identification services. The main drawback of the mobile payment service is that it is available to a limited circle of people – only to those who have an iPad, iPhone, and other Apple products.

Meaning and History

Apple Pay Logo History

Apple Pay system first appeared in 2014. Preparations for its launch began a year earlier and were kept in the strictest secrecy: the banks working on the project did not even know its name and had no idea who it belonged to. Before embarking on its revolutionary idea, Apple bought out many startups it might need and patented several technologies related to contactless payments. Its initial partners were Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

In September 2019, an American corporation declared cards with magnetic tapes unsafe and introduced an alternative – the Apple Pay service. It debuted with the iPhone 6 and, until a certain point, only supported maps from the US. Over time, the service was expanded to other countries.

Like everything else that concerns Apple, this payment system is subject to general branding rules. Its logo, as expected, contains an icon depicting a bitten apple. The word “Pay” is written in a strict black sans-serif font on the right. Thus, the picture replaces the first word in the name of the service, like an element of a rebus. The company made one redesign to bring the visual identity of Apple Pay to new standards.

2014 – 2016

Apple Pay Logo 2014

The first logo was unveiled at an event dedicated to the presentation of the iPhone 6. Users did not see anything new: the designers recreated the iconic symbol in the form of an apple and combined it with the word “Pay.” The apple had a familiar texture. The lower part consisted of two united egg-shaped ovals directed down the narrow side. On the left was a semicircular notch, simulating a bite site. Above hung a sheet in the form of an ellipse with pointed edges. It was tilted at a 45-degree angle and separated by an empty space from the base.

For the word “Pay,” the developers chose the font Myriad – a humanistic sans serif with thin strokes of the same width. The first letter was capital, and the second and third were lowercase.

2016 – today

Apple Pay Logo

In 2016, iOS 10 introduced a new font called San Francisco. This was the reason for the renewal of the Apple Pay logo. But no global changes followed: the designers limited themselves only to modifying the inscription. They made it more clear and visible by increasing the boldness of the letters. In turn, the iconic symbol in the form of a bitten apple has been slightly reduced. Now he does not dominate but is on a par with the word “Pay.”

There is also a white icon in a black square. The stores use the third option – the standard emblem in a white rectangle with a black border, which has rounded corners.

Font and Colors

Apple Pay Emblem

The payment system logo is built on the same principles as other distinguishing marks of Apple products. The apple depicted on the left side is known from the biblical stories about Adam and Eve, where it was interpreted as a forbidden fruit plucked from the tree of knowledge. Also, an apple fell on the head of physicist Isaac Newton when he made a new discovery. So it is also a symbol of enlightenment. Alchemists saw in the popular fruit the personification of the mysterious fifth element and compared its structure with the process of obtaining knowledge. And the founder of artificial intelligence, Alan Mathison Turing, was poisoned by an apple, which is also symbolic.

The word “Pay,” which is located to the right of the famous Apple icon, is written in a font from the San Francisco family. This typeface used to be part of the WatchKit framework but was spun off in 2014. Initially, it was used as the official font of the Apple Watch, then moved to the rest of the company’s products. The letters have no serifs; all the strokes are of medium weight and approximately the same thickness. “P” is capital, “a,” and “y” is lowercase.

Apple Pay Symbol

According to branding guidelines, the Apple Pay logo can only be black and white. This applies to both the inscription and the graphic symbol. Other color schemes are prohibited. The preferred background is white or any light shade.

Apple Pay color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C