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The Ariel logo can be seen on sports cars participating in racing competitions. It represents progress, growth, development, high speed, and forward movement. It is also a symbol of rebirth because the company was closed and relaunched in 2001.

Ariel: Brand overview

Founder:Simon Saunders
Crewkerne, Somerset, United Kingdom

Ariel is a Birmingham motorcycle company that experienced two births in 1902 and 1991. Her most famous brands are Ariel Red Hunter, Ariel Square Four, and Ariel Leader. The Ariel logo could also be seen on joint models with BSA.

The history of the future motorcycle company began in Britain, where light bicycles called Ariel were produced. Gradually, the direction of work switched to ATVs with a motor. In 1902, the company acquired a new owner, Components Ltd, and produced the first motorcycle.

Meaning and History

Ariel Logo History

What is Ariel?

The company stood at the origins of motorcycle production in Britain. It was closed in the 1970s and revived again in 1999. Now it has 30 employees and produces cars.

1932 – 1951

Ariel Logo 1932

The first logo appeared after Components Ltd went bankrupt, and its owner’s son bought out Ariel Components Ltd’s division and renamed it Ariel Motors, an independent company.

The logo was closely associated with motorcycles. To create it, they took the most recognizable details of bikes and assembled an emblem from them.

She reminded me at the same time:

  • Faro. In the company’s models, it was large with a round rim and was located on the steering wheel in front. When looking at the front, this was the most noticeable element.
  • Carburetor strips. On the first models of the brand, the unit was visible.

The result was a large burning headlight in the center of which there are strips of a carburetor with an oval plate with the name attached. It was this one that was attached to the tank of bikes with two bolts.

The colors were also chosen based on real models. Red, yellow and black were the main colors of motorcycles at that time, not counting the silvery metal parts.

1951 – 1970

Ariel Logo 1951

In 1951, the company was sold to Birmingham Small Arms (BSA), a manufacturer of weapons and all kinds of transport from bicycles to buses. The company rebranded the brand at its discretion.

The emblem looked like a real work of art. The image is based on a caduceus – a two-winged scepter entwined with two snakes. In Greek mythology, it was given by Apollo to his brother Hermes. It is a symbol of reconciliation and commerce; it was an important attribute of ambassadors going to the enemy’s camp.

The wings connected the brand with the new owner. On the BSA emblem, the letter B had one wing. Ariel got two fenders, as it was closely involved in the manufacture of motorcycles, while for BSA, this was just one of the directions. The wings themselves symbolized speed. They pointed to the knowledge of two motorcycle companies, which will allow you to create the best models.

In the center of the scepter is a wheel from a motorcycle. Its spokes were intertwined, and the rim was formed by two snakes, whose heads and tails twisted around the scepter above and below. The snakes became the prototype of the past owners and the new owner. They made a peace deal and ended the dispute. In mythology, Hermes placed a scepter between two fighting snakes, and they instantly calmed down. After buying the brand, motorcycles came out under the BSA Ariel brand.

The Ariel name was shown on a ribbon worn over the wheel and on top between the two fenders. Ribbon – a sign of the winner, hinted at the best models in its segment. The yellow color of the emblem indicates the gold standard in the motorcycle industry.

By the 70s, BSA was on the verge of bankruptcy, as it could not compete with Japanese models. All rescue attempts failed, and the factory closed. The Ariel brand was discontinued even earlier.

2001 – today

Ariel Logo

The old name was revived in the last decade of the 20th century. According to Simon Saunders, who registered the Ariel Motor Company (1999), the history of the Ariel brand was too ancient to lose this name forever. The modern company, except for the name, has nothing to do with the one that closed in the late 70s. Its main product is Ariel Atom bodyless minicars. But there is also one motorcycle.

The company logo is a red circle resembling a road sign. Inside is the letter A, stylized as two roads going beyond the horizon. It is associated with travel, fast driving, and long distances. In addition, it resembles three rifles assembled by barrels into one, which were located on the BSA logo. This is an allusion to the historical past of the company.

Below the circle, in thin capital letters, is Ariel’s signature. The letters hint at the small assortment of the company but show that all of its products are of excellent quality and are in demand.

Font and Colors

Ariel Emblem

The main colors of the latest logo are red and white. Red shows the energy with which the revived brand is ready to go to the top. Reminds of the cessation, stop development for as much as 29 years. Color is a way to attract users’ eyes associated with the exclamation: “Attention!”.

White indicates a new beginning, a path from scratch.

Ariel Symbol

Lettering font Arial Arabic Bold.

Ariel color codes

ScarletHex color:#f62e02
RGB:246 46 2
CMYK:0 81 99 4
Pantone:PMS 1655 C