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The Atletico Madrid logo has a patriotic design and shows that this football club is proud of its origins. The heraldic elements and the city’s official symbols show how excited the athletes are to represent Madrid in the Champions League. Their sign conveys confidence and stamina.

Atletico Madrid: Brand overview

Founded: 26 April 1903
Founder: Atletico HoldCo, Idan Ofer
Madrid, Spain

The history of Atletico began due to three Basque students studying in Madrid – Cortazar, Astoria, and Abdon, who was sitting in the cafe La Maison Dore on Alcala Street, Spanish capital at the beginning of 1903. They gathered to create a football club, which was supposed to be a kind of affiliate for the Athletics, created several years earlier.

April 26, 1903, the “Athletic Club de Madrid” was proclaimed the independent club. The first logo of Madrid “Atletico” exactly repeated the logo of the club from Bilbao.

Meaning and History

Atletico Madrid Logo History

In 1917, the Madrid club finally acquired its logo. The coat of arms of Madrid’s city with a bear stretching to a strawberry tree was the basis of the new Atletico emblem. Until 1939, it was not changed at all.

Besides the bear, the club emblem had seven stars as the symbol of Madrid’s seven border provinces. Red and white stripes symbolize the shape of the club. As know, the owners of the Madrid club decided to save on T-shirts and bought the cheapest material in a red and white stripe, from which the mattresses were made at that time. Therefore, the team was nicknamed “The Mattress.”

The Atletico logo was changed many times. The composition remained the same, and only the form of the logo was redesigned.

Atletico Madrid emblem

The modern Atletico emblem looks the next way:

Strawberry tree, to which the bear stretches, has lost its green color, and its crown gets over the upper contour. There are no sharp corners anymore, so the emblem is round. Also, designers have decided to get rid of all colors except red, white, and dark blue. Red stripes have been depicted in a bold font, and four white stripes have been changed to three. And the most important change in the logo of Atletico: the bear was looking to the left before, and now he has turned in the opposite direction. Will he look at the future victories of Atletico in the Champions League?

What is Atletico Madrid?

Atletico Madrid is a Spanish sports club comprising professional footballers. Established in 1903 and located in the capital city, the club is a member of La Liga. It is also among the top three football teams in Spain by the number of championship titles won. Their home stadium is Metropolitano.

1903 – 1911

Atletico Madrid Logo 1903-1911

In the early years of its existence, the Atletico Madrid team used the emblem of the Spanish football club Athletic Bilbao, in the image of which it was created. The graphic sign looked like a rondel, composed of blue and white concentric circles. In the center were the intertwined letters “A” and “C” – short for “Athletic Club.”

1911 – 1917

Atletico Madrid Logo 1911-1917

In 1911 the Athletic Bilbao club changed its logo along with the color of the equipment. Atletico Madrid decided to keep up and followed suit. So the Madrid team got an emblem with a striped red and white flag, a brown ball, and a monogram of a big “C” and a small “A.” At the same time, the players remained in the old uniform with blue shorts.

1917 – 1939

Atletico Madrid Logo 1917-1939

In 1917, Atlético Madrid stopped imitating Athletic Bilbao in everything and got its logo, which first appeared in Madrid symbols: Arbutus, known as the strawberry tree, and the bear standing on its hind legs. They represent the city since the 13th century and adorn its official coat of arms. On the team’s emblem, these elements were depicted at the top in a dark blue triangle with seven white stars. There were alternating red and white stripes at the bottom. Together they formed a quadrangular shield with a circular base.

1939 – 1941

Atletico Madrid Logo 1939-1941

When the Spanish Civil War ended, Atlético Madrid merged with the newly formed Spanish Air Force football club. This is how Athletic Aviacion de Madrid was born. The logo of the new sports organization was similar to the original symbol of the air force. The wings and the propeller represented the plane, and the crown represented the royal power. The predominant colors are red, gray, and gold.

1941 – 1942

Atletico Madrid Logo 1941-1942

In 1941, the team made the first changes to the original graphic sign of the Air Force. The designers have placed an element similar to the old Atletico Madrid emblem with a bear and a strawberry tree in the center between the wings. Only the bottom of the heraldic shield became pointed, and the blue triangle became red. Compared to the previous logo, the crown has acquired a new, more elegant shape. The red hexagon, against which the “plane” was previously depicted, disappeared.

1942 – 1947

Atletico Madrid Logo 1942-1947

In 1942, the artists redesigned the multicomponent emblem. This time, they made the triangular frame at the top of the shield blue, as in the original.

1947 – 1950

Atletico Madrid Logo 1947-1950

Separating from the Spanish Air Force club, the football team removed all symbols from the logo, reminiscent of the air force. Only the revised graphic sign of Atletico Madrid remained, in the form of a rectangular shield with a sharp base. Significant differences from the 1917-1939 version. – an empty white background behind the bear and a wide golden border around the outer contour. Also, the colors are slightly darker.

1950 – 1970

Atletico Madrid Logo 1950-1970

In the middle of the 20th century, the club revised the emblem and brought it closer to the original created in 1917. The designers increased the number of vertical stripes, made the bottom of the shield rounded, but retained the golden frame. In doing so, they changed the classic palette, opting for paler shades of reds and blues.

1970 – 2016

Atletico Madrid Logo 1970-2016

In 1970, the old Atletico Madrid logo returned, which was adopted in 1947 and used until 1950.

2016 – 2017

Atletico Madrid Logo 2016-2017

The penultimate team emblem is similar to the one that was earlier. The artists made small color changes by making the golden border blue and removing the black outlines around the elements. The red vertical lines have become slightly thinner, and the white ones, respectively, are wider.

2017 – today

Atletico Madrid Logo 2017-Present

To mark a new era in the club’s history, associated with its move to the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, the designers have developed a new logo. They were based on previous graphic signs, so little has changed in the design. The bottom of the shield is as sharp as before, but the top is no longer rectangular but rounded. The bear and the tree are enlarged and turned in the opposite direction.

Font and Colors

Atletico Madrid Emblem

The Vasava design group developed the current emblem. She has preserved the traditional symbols of Atlético Madrid, presenting them with a modern interpretation. Among these signs are seven white stars, which are taken from the constellation Ursa Major. Five of these represent the provinces near Madrid: Toledo, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Avila, and Segovia. This is why the artists placed stars around the bear and the strawberry tree.

Atletico Madrid Symbol

There were never any inscriptions on the logo, and the colors remained constant – only the basic shades changed. Red (# CB3524) blue (# 272E61) and white prevail among them. Additional are golden, brown, and green. The original combination of white and blue was inspired by a professional football club from England Blackburn Rovers.

Atletico Madrid Symbol

Atletico Madrid color codes

Delft Blue Hex color: #262f61
RGB: 38 47 97
CMYK: 61 52 0 62
Pantone: PMS 2766 C
Maximum Red Hex color: #ce3524
RGB: 206 53 36
CMYK: 0 74 83 19
Pantone: PMS 485 C