Attentive Energy – new perspectives with a new logo

Attentive Energy Logo

Today, not only scientists are concerned about ways to obtain alternative electricity, the American company Attentive Energy, which was recently launched to develop and implement offshore wind farms, devotes its activities to these problems. Its main goal is to provide the US with more affordable and affordable energy that will lead to energy independence. Today, the brand provides offshore opportunities in the power industry, which today, and even more so tomorrow, will become available to all human communities. With deep experience in the sector, and a forward-thinking commitment to always and everywhere putting people first, the company, through the power of the offshore wind, strengthens these communities, enabling the creation of a new industry and an inclusive economy of environmentally friendly, clean and affordable energy. This vision had to be expressed through the elements of the external identity, the formation of which was entrusted to the professional design company North Street.

Attentive Energy New Logo

The beginning was laid by developing the original name – Attentive Energy. It immediately points to the unique focus of the enterprise, with safety issues, strong public relations, and concern for the environment. The whole developed visual identity is aimed at strengthening and supporting these efforts, ensuring the successful involvement of the public, government, and corporate audience in implementing their ambitious plans. The construction of the logo is distinguished by an innovative look at the ways of visual reflection of information. Inspired by a forward-thinking and community-driven spirit of initiative, it reflects the inner energy behind it from the beginning. This is achieved through visually distinct but overlapping shapes representing convergence and cooperation, the progressiveness of movements, and the power of the airflow used, called the wind.

Attentive Energy Symbol

The color palette used in the display is clear and contrasting. The main colors – black and pale green – were used for the symbolic module, which is the brand’s full name. The first word is made in contrasting black, the second in soft green, symbolizing the purity and naturalness of the natural ecology. The text is in a round, uniform sans-serif font that is easy to read, both in typographic and digital versions. Its readability and visibility facilitate memorability and brand recognition.

An important element of the logo is the sign, which is a symbolic image of airflow or a mechanical element of a winding structure rotating under its influence. Its execution resonates with the purity and transparency of the airflow and the conditional vision of the resulting energy wave. The ability to see some correspondence to the mathematical plus sign gives an idea of ​​the positive effect of the brand’s activities for the benefit of humanity.