Automobile brand Lotus introduced a new car and its logo

Lotus Emira Logo

Social media brand encrypted car name using Morse code.

The car company has unveiled a new model called Emira. The car will be unveiled on July 6 and will debut for the first time on July 8-11 at Goodwood. For several days, the brand played with the audience on social networks and shared pictures with an encrypted name. All the time, the name was hidden with the help of dots and stripes, and those lucky ones who know the Morse code were the first to guess the word Emira.

In honor of Samuel Morse’s birthday on April 27, Lotus revealed the car’s name and logo. The laconic image perfectly complements the design of the car. Inside the oval is a triangle with the Lotus brand name and the company name in the middle. The image is made in silver and black shades. The team chose an unusual way to attract attention and kept consumers in suspense for several days, reinforcing their interest with new portions of videos.

The name Emira symbolizes leadership positions, as in ancient languages, ​​the word means “commander.” According to the company’s representatives, the main reference for creating the car was the electric hypercar Evija; only the Emira is equipped with a gasoline engine. During the design and creation of the machine, such factors as comfort, appearance, harmonious proportions, and modern technologies were taken into account. The combination of all the components has created a modern look for the car.