Bambino Mio rebrands to reduce waste of disposable diapers

Bambino Mio Logo

UK-based Bambino Mio, a prominent producer of reusable nappies established in 1997, has spread its influence across over 50 countries worldwide.

“Babies aren’t concerned about the planet … yet,” humorously observes Bambino Mio’s founder, Guy Schanschieff. He aptly underscores that the surging waste from disposable nappies is swiftly aggravating our planet’s pollution issue, jeopardizing the future of the very children these products are intended to nurture.

Keen to rejuvenate its brand image and consolidate its eco-friendly mission, Bambino Mio sought the creative prowess of Big Fish. The ensuing rebrand infuses a vibrant color into the otherwise subdued nappy market, showcasing doodles and stickers that echo the brand’s jovial yet defiant character.

The revamped logo embodies the core of Bambino Mio: bold, uncomplicated, and audacious. It astutely integrates a concealed ‘bum’ motif, underscoring the brand’s central focus. This motif is complemented by a lively color palette featuring robust shades of purple, blue, and white, with additional sky blue, apple green, and carrot orange splashes.

Bambino Mio Logo Evolution (History)

The rebranding also ushers in bold, stamp-like typography and a customized, scrawl-like font fittingly titled Little Rebel. In conjunction with a candid yet whimsical tone, this fresh visual lexicon effectively conveys the brand’s philosophy and highlights the pressing environmental concerns linked to single-use disposable nappies.

Moreover, as a component of this all-encompassing rebranding, Bambino Mio has upgraded its physical product. In collaboration with Big Fish and 3D packaging experts Studio Davis, the company has launched a more streamlined modular design for its nappies and packaging. This inventive step not only boosts the product’s functionality but also significantly curtails plastic use, reemphasizing Bambino Mio’s dedication to sustainability.

The energetic rebranding and product revamp underscore Bambino Mio’s continued pledge to supply top-notch baby products while minimizing environmental impact. This initiative marks a crucial advancement for the brand as it persists in championing more sustainable practices within the industry.