Banco Itaú Unveils New Brand Identity in Strategic Refresh

Banco Itau Logo New

Banco Itaú, Brazil’s leading financial services institution headquartered in São Paulo, has launched a comprehensive update to its brand identity, signaling a new era for the banking giant. Formed by the merger of Banco Itaú and Unibanco in 2008, Itaú Unibanco is the largest bank in Brazil and Latin America. It is recognized as the seventy-third largest bank globally. With listings on both the B3 in São Paulo and the NYSE in New York, Itaú has consistently been acknowledged for its robust market presence, even being named the most valuable brand in Brazil in 2022.

Banco Itau Logo Evolution

The refresh introduces a new logo that moves away from the previous design, which, despite its technical adequacy, was perceived as somewhat uninspired and overly corporate. The updated logo breaks conventional boundaries with its unique shape, diverging from the traditional square or circle to introduce a novel form distinctively Itaú’s. The revised typography within this shape enhances readability and approachability, with subtle modifications like the rounded title and a unique accent over the “u,” adding a friendly and accessible vibe to the overall design. While the typography’s placement at the bottom of the shape has been retained for brand equity purposes, it represents a thoughtful evolution from the previous iteration.

The broader identity update encompasses various elements, some of which have been met with mixed reactions. The holding shape’s application as a stroke and its integration with imagery and patterns, especially on credit cards, is particularly noteworthy. However, the overall type family chosen for the rebranding has been critiqued for feeling too impersonal, and the use of certain illustrations has sparked debate regarding their appropriateness for a financial institution of Itaú’s stature.

Banco Itau Logo Old

Introducing the new Banco Itaú logo and identity marks a significant step towards infusing the brand with vibrancy, color, and personality. This evolution is about modernizing the brand’s visual representation and enhancing its connection with customers and stakeholders in a changing financial landscape. While the brand film and some of the more lifestyle-oriented marketing efforts might seem unconventional for a bank, they underscore Itaú’s ambition to redefine what a financial brand can be. Through this rebranding initiative, Itaú reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence, aiming to strengthen its position as a pivotal player in Brazil and on the global stage.