Bate Bate Chocolate stimulates imagination and creativity

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Whitney and Jacob of Honduras developed the original Bate Bate Chocolate Children’s Culinary Program. Through their program, kids of all ages get the opportunity to explore and implement their culinary ideas while having fun in the kitchen. The creators of this center sought to create comfortable conditions for parents who could be relieved of their duties for a while, giving their children the opportunity to have fun and relax while developing and learning, creating their fascinating world with the help of culinary magic. Capturing the attention of young users required a unique approach to shaping their visual identity. The best creative specialists of the Mondos design studio were involved, whose works are distinguished by their knowledge of the intricacies of children’s souls the ability to expressively and attractively convey all the smallest nuances. The formation of a new brand was based on compliance with three important characteristics – education, magic, and fun.

Bate Bate Chocolate New Logo

The creation of a visual identity was based on an important feature of children – the ability to learn and the presence of curiosity. It is inherent in them to be interested in the world around them without fear of failing. It so happened that a person necessarily loses this important quality as he grows up. The goal of Bate Bate Chocolate is to awaken curiosity through its program, with which they have fun, constantly inventing, creating, and learning something. The new identity became the basis for creating an attractive branding system that could clearly and fully reflect its essence. The fonts, the color palette, the artwork used, and the dynamic clips all aimed to express the essence of the platform with joyful and fun forms that can captivate not only children but also their parents. Forming a graphic composition included turning to many children’s books, stories dedicated to culinary arts, magic, and teaching methods. Many of them served as the basis for creating albums with illustrations that filled the site’s pages. At the same time, they were carved with love and diligence, characteristic of a child. This simplicity has become the key that was able to open the hearts of adults thanks to its charm of childish immediacy.

Bate Bate Chocolate Symbol

To enhance expressiveness, around, soft and delicate Recoleta typeface and Word Sans, which is easy to execute and display, were used. With their help, the caring nature of the entertainment resource was effectively expressed. The title acquired a considerable length, which made the text especially accentuated. A variety of compositions a bright color palette demonstrated the brand’s belonging to the children’s category.