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The BeReal logo is simple and open. The symbol resonates with the project’s theme and goal and encourages stepping out of the darkness to meet the surroundings. The emblem focuses attention on one simple action, which all participants perform daily.

BeReal: Brand overview

In 2020, an innovative product named BeReal emerged in the French social media market. Its creators, Alexis Barrey and Kevin Perro introduced a unique concept to the world: an app where users share daily, unprepared photos of their real life, eschewing standard filters, followers, and likes. This idea of authenticity sparked interest in the social media realm, inspiring other platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, to implement similar features. The control center of BeReal is located in Paris, adding European charm to this technological startup.

The project quickly caught the attention of global media, particularly gaining coverage in the Financial Times in May 2021. This event spurred the creation of BeReal’s own community on Reddit and attracted significant investments from A16z, amounting to 30 million dollars. In 2022, the app achieved record download numbers, crossing the 10 and 20 million thresholds in May and July, respectively. By August of the same year, BeReal began to be used by renowned brands to promote exclusive products.

However, BeReal’s journey was not without challenges. Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the obligation to share photos daily, which caused stress and concerns about their image on social networks. Additionally, the question of monetizing the app remained open, considering the absence of traditional advertising. Despite these difficulties, BeReal continues to evolve, adding new features and attracting an increasing number of users, aiming to change the world of social media.

Meaning and History

BeReal Logo History

The app was first introduced in 2020 when the logo also appeared. Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau, who likely designed the emblem, handled the development, launch, and promotion of the network. The foundation of the emblem’s design is the theme of simplicity and ease: one photo, one moment, life here and now. Therefore, on the monochrome canvas of the logo, there is only one inscription.

What is BeReal? 

A French social network in the form of a free phone application. Around 13 million users utilize the program daily. 80% of them are under 25 years old. The application was recognized as the best iPhone add-on in 2022. It has been downloaded over 53 million times. In 2023, the network’s popularity decreased by 61%.

2020 – today

BeReal Logo

The application’s emblem consists of a black square with rounded corners, in the center of which the network’s name is written with a period at the end.

The project’s name encompasses the main messages the creators are trying to convey to the public:

  1. Be in reality, stay online, connect with the rest of the world, talk about yourself, and show that you exist.
  2. Be real – post photos without editing or filters, appear before people naturally, and show your life as it is.
  3. B-reel is a term from cinema indicating alternative filmed material. The uniqueness of the application is that the founders address the participants once a day, urging them to share a 2-minute interval of their life by posting a photo of themselves and their surroundings.

The period at the end of the inscription emphasizes the simplicity and conciseness accompanying the project. One easy action, just 2 minutes of time. No burden, psychological pressure, or complex requirements. The network cannot be used for promotion or popularity enhancement. It does not involve monetization. The program doesn’t even count how many people view the photo.

The black background represents the idea of a photographic negative. It conveys the thought of emerging from darkness into light. The organizers encourage users to present themselves to friends as they truly are at least once in their life.

The square base implies the equality of people. In the new network, no one is highlighted. There are no leaders or stars. The creators place everyone in the same conditions, emphasizing the harmony of naturalness and authenticity.

The backing limits space, indicating a closed community, a team of like-minded people. The dark color symbolizes the unknown. We often do not know how our neighbor or friend lives in the modern world. Therefore, no one knows what they will see in the photo today. Also, it’s hidden from the users exactly when the message about the 2-minute window for a post will come.

Font and Colors

BeReal Emblem

The black-and-white basis of the logo complements the idea of relieving fatigue from idealized, brightly colored images that fill modern social networks. The colors emphasize photos without retouching, a draft that we show to the world.

The black-and-white palette also has a flip side in terms of the perception of the application. Some experts note the boredom caused by the monotony of tasks and design, which led to a rapid decline in interest in the platform.

BeReal Symbol

The font of the inscription is Texta Heavy. Light glyphs of the same thickness ensure the clarity of the image. Rounded elements convey friendliness and the absence of bullying among participants.