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The Italian food company chose the Bertolli logo in a classic style with large block letters. They make the inscription clear and visible, so the name immediately catches the eye. For greater concentration of attention, the designers circled it with a red oval and added a coat of arms with a crown at the top.

Bertolli: Brand overview

Founder:Francesco Bertolli
Bertolli is a well-known Italian food production company. The brand appeared in 1865 as a producer of olive oil. Over time, the company’s product range has expanded. Now she produces preserves and sauces, which are popular far beyond the borders of Italy.

Meaning and History

Bertolli Logo History

The first version of the logo was relevant for more than a hundred years, but since 1991, there have been as many as three redesigns. Visual recognition of the brand “Bertolli” is at a high level. All variations of the logo look authentic and luxurious. They reflect the history and heritage of the company.

What is Bertolli?

First of all, this is a company that has established itself as one of the leaders in the Italian market for the production of canned food and other food products over the years of its existence.

1865 – 1991

Bertolli Logo 1865

The first version of the logo was introduced in 1865. It contained the name of the company on a golden background. The word signature “Bertolli” used a classic sans-serif typeface. Capital letters are easy to read, and therefore the buyer had no problems identifying the brand on store shelves. Despite the severity and conciseness, the logo looks quite high quality and natural, given that at that time, the company was engaged in the sale of olive oil.

1991 – 2001

Bertolli Logo 1991

The variant of the logo that appeared in 1991 was significantly different from its predecessor. It was an emblem, the features of which were minimalism and not overloaded with unnecessary elements. The company name, in white letters, was inside a red oval. The classic bold serif font with white caps looks fresh and modern. Around the name, you can see the light black letters that create a shadow. Thus, “Bertolli” customers had a feeling of three-dimensionality of the picture.

2001 – 2005

Bertolli Logo 2001

The 2001 update made the logo more modern and confident. The rich red color of the oval looked quite impressive in the context of the verbal inscription inside it. The font style has remained unchanged. At the same time, at this stage, not black but a barely noticeable green outline was used. Below the main title was the word “Lucca” in cursive letters using gold.

2005 – today

Bertolli Logo

Again, the word inscription remained unchanged in terms of the font and the style used. At the same time, the red oval received a double contour – white and golden. With the help of this element, a feeling of confidence and strength was created. Instead of the word “Lucca” appeared the inscription “Dal 1865”. It is done in dark yellow capital letters using a classic sans-serif typeface. However, the main change concerns the addition of the coat of arms at the top of the oval. It depicts a royal ornament, indicating that the company is one of the leaders in the market.

Font and Colors

Bertolli Symbol

Even though the brand name used a classic font, it looked stylish and modern, making the company stand out from the competition. This chic font with serifs and capital letters immediately grabs the target audience’s attention. Globally speaking, the font “Bertolli” is as close as possible to FS Sally Pro Heavy and URW Antiqua ExtraNarrow Extra Bold. However, they have been slightly modified.

The red-white-gold color palette is the basis of the logo. This combination directly indicates that the company is a respected and powerful project in the market, including that it has considerable experience, which it values ​​above other qualities.

Bertolli color codes

Cadmium RedHex color:#e2001a
RGB:226 0 26
CMYK:0 100 88 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Metallic GoldHex color:#d7b55f
RGB:215 181 95
CMYK:0 16 56 16
Pantone:PMS 141 C

What is the meaning of the Bertolli Logo?

The Bertolli logo has a deep professional meaning. Being a representative of the Italian food industry, the brand indicates its high status among competitors, for which it uses the crown. The gold color indicates the use of raw materials of the best quality, red - a high energy reserve, the producer’s dynamics, strength, and progress. The ellipse speaks of the endless possibilities of a brand.

What does the logo symbolize Bertolli Logo?

The symbolism of the Bertolli logo is the food company’s desire for continuous development and implementation of innovative ideas, technologies, and knowledge. This is evidenced by the abundance of red-blotches of a golden hue hint at leadership within the professional market. And the crown is a sign of royal taste and premium level of products.