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The Cadbury logo is directly linked to the main ingredient in most of its company confections. Of course, it is a brown color reminiscent of chocolate. The inscription in it looks like a cream applied as a decoration on a cake. This impression is created by connected handwritten letters, between which there is not the slightest gap.

Cadbury: Brand overview

Founder:John Cadbury
Buckinghamshire, England
Cadbury is a British chocolate company. The brand was founded in 1824. To date, the rights to the trademark belong to Mondelez. The range of products will delight chocolate lovers. The company was named after its founder, John Cadbury.

Meaning and History

Cadbury Logo History

The company’s logo has changed nine times since its inception. The first variation of the modern logo appeared back in 1921, and since that time, it has only been slightly updated and supplemented. Interestingly, in 1824 John Cadbury was engaged in the sale of tea and coffee, but later it was customary to focus on tea. As a result, the brand ranks second globally in terms of sales.

What is Cadbury?

First of all, this is a company whose history goes back almost 200 years. Consequently, customers receive quality chocolate from one of the industry leaders.

1824 – 1866

Cadbury' Logo 1824

The original logo was introduced the same year the company was founded. It was a wordmark with the name of the brand, made in bold type with rounded corners of the letters and pronounced serifs. Each character had a unique writing style. For example, you can look at the curls of the letters “y,” “r,” as well as a slightly modernized “a.” At the same time, the verbal inscription was not overloaded with unnecessary details and looked quite fresh, given the realities of 1824.

1866 – 1879

Cadbury' Logo 1866

The first significant redesign of the logo took place in 1866. It depicts only a verbal inscription made in thin white letters. At the same time, the complex details and interesting spellings of the letters that took place in the original variation of the logo were removed. An interesting feature is that the width is different; sometimes, it is noticeable at a glance. The verbal inscription received a brown background for customers to associate the logo with chocolate.

1876 – 1905

Cadbury' Logo 1876

An interesting version of the logo was introduced in 1876. The wording was now in black italic type. At the same time, all the letters are not on a straight horizontal line but seem to rise. Separately noteworthy are the curves and strokes in the letters, which made them more refined.


Cadbury' Logo 1900

In 1900, a logo was launched that lasted less than a year. It was decided to use the arched style for the logo. Red letters on a pink background looked quite impressive and attractive to users. Moreover, all characters were now capitalized and also had bold lines. The readability of the title was at a high level.

1900 – 1955

Cadbury Logo 1900

Perhaps the first major redesign of the logo took place in 1905. Interestingly, the company owner at that stage of its development, namely William Cadbury, decided to invite a well-known artist to work on a new version of the logo. It was Georges Auriol. This man was not only a modernist but also a type designer.

To immediately evoke associations with chocolate in a potential buyer, it was decided to draw a cocoa tree. In this case, the last letter in the name, namely “y,” was the bottom of the tree.

The wording was done in a unique and interesting font, even though the exact brand name was hard to read the first time correctly. Interestingly, the company most actively used this logo from 1911 – to 1939 and subsequently returned to it after the end of the Second World War.

1921 – 1960

Cadbury's Logo 1921

Interestingly, another one was used along with the previous version of the logo. And it was not even quite a logo but rather the signature of William Cadbury. At the same time, it began to be actively used only in 1952. Because the logo was made in the signature format, the readability of the verbal inscription was at a low level. It was blue lettering, which, although it looked spectacular, seemed out of place for many new buyers.

1960 – 1985

Cadbury's Logo 1960

At this stage, two separate company logos were introduced. One contained an additional letter “s,” and the second was presented without it. Overall, the main focus of this redesign was to update the wordmark to make it more readable. The letters began to have a different shape; extra curls were removed from them. In general, it was as close as possible to the previous version, based on the owner’s signature.

1985 – 2020

Cadbury Logo 1985

The problem with the readability of the logo was completely solved only in 1985. Interestingly, in addition to working on the font, various color palette options were also considered, including yellow and purple. As a result, it was decided to use a purple hue.

2020 – today

Cadbury Logo

At this stage, it was decided to change the logo’s color palette, even though the font style of “Cadbury” remained identical to the previous version. The yellow color gradient created a golden look and made the image more modern and attractive.

Font and Colors

Cadbury Symbol

If the first versions of the Cadbury logo were presented back in the 19th century and had a font that was modern at that time but not relevant today, then they were subsequently changed. The signature of the owner, drawn by hand, became the key element of the logo. Even though the company name is hard to read, the image looks fresh and modern.

It used a different color palette at different stages of the company’s development. However, if we talk about the latest logo variations, then purple and yellow are the key colors. Bright colors were chosen to evoke positive emotions and interest in the brand’s products among users.

Cadbury color codes

BurlywoodHex color:#d9bd85
RGB:217 189 133
CMYK:0 13 39 15
Pantone:PMS 7508 C
CamelHex color:#b28e58
RGB:178 142 88
CMYK:0 20 51 30
Pantone:PMS 465 C

What does the logo symbolize the Cadbury Logo?

Since the British chocolate company was named after its founder John Cadbury, the modern Cadbury logo represents the signature of his descendant, grandson William. It symbolizes the continuity of generations, a guarantee of high quality, an individual recipe, original taste, and excellent production equipment.

What does the Cadbury logo represent?

The Cadbury emblem is the personal signature of a descendant of the brand’s founder, William Cadbury. It is made in sweeping and free handwriting with a slight inclination to the right. All letters are linked and are in lowercase (except ‘C,’ which is kept capitalized). The main color of the inscription is golden.

Why does Cadbury have a purple logo?

The purple Cadbury logo was introduced in 1921. Then the inscription was made only in this color. In this design, it lasted until 2020 inclusive. And even earlier, the chocolate wrapper was painted purple. It was first used in 1914 and represented a tribute to the Queen of Great Britain. A hundred years later, the company officially secured the right to use the Pantone 2865c shade, making it its attribute of visual identity.

What is the message of Cadbury?

The main message encoded in the Cadbury logo: the company creates products of the highest quality, confirming this with a personal signature on each chocolate bar. She also promotes the theme of royal generosity, as purple is a tribute to Queen Victoria. In 2018, the brand launched a promotion with a call to make loved ones happy with delicious confectionery. For this, he specifically chose the slogan ‘Kuch Accha Ho Jaaye, Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye’ instead of ‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye.’

What does the Cadbury logo mean?

The Cadbury logo symbolizes the continuity of generations since it is made in the form of a personal signature of William Cadbury, the grandson of John Cadbury, who founded the candy factory in 1824. It is also evidence of the highest quality, personally confirmed by the representatives of the management.

Why did Cadbury change its logo?

Descendants of the founder of a British confectionery brand changed the logo in 1921 to express gratitude to the senior members of the dynasty who started the business. Therefore, the Cadbury logo took the form of a personal signature with the letter ‘s’ at the end, which was written with an apostrophe. The second change (in 1985) is due to a personal tribute to John Cadbury. Then the final ‘s’ disappeared from the emblem.