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The Call Her Daddy logo extravagantly hints at the podcast’s theme, which it represents. Soft letters, smooth lines, and pink color – everything exudes sensuality. However, the emblem also contains a touch of business style, as the channel covers many other topics – such as cultural life and relationship psychology.

Call Her Daddy: Brand overview

Founded:October 3, 2018
Founder:Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper
United States
Call Her Daddy is an English-language digital program that can be listened to online and downloaded to any personal device to explore the content at a convenient time. The podcast’s founders were Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper, who launched it in 2018. The key themes of the internet resource are advice, sex and relationship topics, and funny stories.

Meaning and History

Call Her Daddy Logo History

The podcast was founded by two college friends: Alexandra Cooper and her roommate Sofia Franklyn. Despite facing many obstacles, including financial ones, the resource remained active and retained its theme. To some extent, it even expanded its scope, becoming a fascinating “series” with rich content. The program’s name came naturally and is based on the questions discussed within its framework. It became the key element of the text logo.

But there is a graphic detail in the emblem, now recognized as the basic element. It is the symbolic kiss – the letter “O,” made by lipstick applied to the lips. It resembles a distinctive, bright, and extravagant imprint. Such a logo instantly sets the mood and a relaxed atmosphere for candid conversations.

What is Call Her Daddy?

Call Her Daddy is a podcast, a modern-format internet resource designed for online listening and downloading to your device to explore at any convenient time. It covers relationship topics, sex, funny stories, and life advice. Its creators are Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper, who launched the program in 2018.

2018 – today

Call Her Daddy Logo

Although the Call Her Daddy emblem is text-based, it carries the imprint of drawn elements.

  • First – the neon-pink kiss. It represents the single letter “O” – located in the bottom row. The unusual shape makes the sign very original, becoming its highlight.
  • Second – the word “Daddy” is executed in lipstick. Broad strokes distinctly convey the upper part, which usually protrudes above the lipstick tube level. The glyphs are uneven, with jagged ends.
  • Third – the word “podcast” looks as if it was written with a mascara brush. The thread-like strokes are evidence of bristle marks. The letters are asymmetrical and messy but stylish.
  • Fourth – the phrase “Call Her” is applied with eyeliner (pencil). This impression is created due to the particular boldness of the letters as if the pencil composition includes wax.

The logo elements are arranged in two rows and separated by a slanted line made with a thin lip tint. The top line also has a diagonal tilt to the left, while the bottom one is written strictly horizontally.

Font and Colors

Call Her Daddy Emblem

All inscriptions are made using a custom-designed font. Moreover, they have no relation to typography, as they are drawn elements. Each part has its own typeface: bubbly, handwritten, bold. The only thing that unites them is the uppercase. All glyphs are capital and blocky.

The logo’s color palette is provocative but moderately restrained. The main color is black, well complemented by neon pink. Together they perfectly balance each other, combining according to the contrast principle. The background can be any color scheme, depending on what the emblem is placed on.

Call Her Daddy Symbol

Call Her Daddy color codes

Eerie BlackHex color:#212121
RGB:33 33 33
CMYK:0 0 0 87
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C
Hot PinkHex color:#ff65b1
RGB:255 101 177
CMYK:0 60 31 0
Pantone:PMS 806 C