Cancer Research UK Debuts Refreshed Brand Identity

Cancer Research UK Logo New

Design Bridge and Partners have spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding for Cancer Research UK, replacing the charity’s former design elements, last updated in 2012 by Interbrand. This sweeping overhaul aims to simplify and strengthen the charity’s brand identity for greater impact.

One key change is in the updated Cancer Research UK logo, which excludes the previous grey tones that were considered dull. The new color scheme of magenta, cyan blue, and navy blue adds vibrancy to the branding. The design features distinct, non-overlapping circles, each representing specific milestones in defeating cancer. Formerly, these circles appeared randomly across different communication materials. They intentionally convey scientific advances and personal experiences, emphasizing the organization’s role in cancer research.

The charity has also reconsidered its strapline to reflect the multifaceted and ongoing battle against cancer. The previous line, “Together we will beat cancer,” led to some confusion, insinuating a single, forthcoming cure for the disease. The revised tagline, “Together we are beating cancer,” encapsulates the continual progress and teamwork involving scientists, donors, and researchers.

Cancer Research UK Logo Evolution (history)

A customized typeface derived from F37 foundry’s Hybrid brings together features of both slab serif and sans serif fonts. This blend allows for a balanced tone—giving weight to scientific discussions while maintaining a compassionate approach for uplifting messages.

A fresh series of photographs complements the revamped logo and typography. These visuals showcase the “humanity of Britain” through candid snapshots of people raising funds, researchers at work, and those affected by the disease. Focusing on genuine, relatable moments sets aside any sense of corporate deception.

This rebrand represents a significant pivot for Cancer Research UK, integrating its various visual elements into a cohesive and potent narrative. The charity aims to more clearly articulate its evolving contributions to ongoing cancer research by updating its brand identity.