Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. – introduced a new corporate image and logo

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Logo

One of the world’s leading leaders in developing drugs for the fight against cancer is the American Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. conducted its rebranding. The logo and the website have undergone fundamental changes, which have gained simpler control and overall attractiveness of the visual design, the convenience of finding information and its presentation and becoming modern and dynamic. As a pioneer in developing cannabinoids, the medical company is accredited in Israel, where it is licensed to conduct clinical and scientific research. Headquartered in Maryland, USA, founded in 2004, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is making significant progress in its field, demonstrating positive results that have not yet been achieved by any of the medical research institutes in the world. The company has developed a drug of the same name, Cannabics RCC-33, which is the world’s first anti-cancer drug developed to treat colorectal cancer. The drug demonstrates its successful use.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals New Logo

To raise its image to a higher level and create the most attractive and favorable conditions for acquainting scientific and medical organizations with its achievements, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals has changed its strategy. She announced this on September 30, 2021. The new strategy is to inform specialists of various levels about the need to use the company’s existing platform to discover and develop new drugs that can become real candidates for combating various types of serious diseases, including cancer.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Emblem

A new visual identity should help achieve this. The company logo has acquired conciseness and simplicity of perception, which is especially important in modern conditions. The main graphic figure is the blue-gray DNA element, to the right of which is the company’s name. Text – “Cannabics,” in black sans serif type Organetto Bold by Latinotype. Its simplicity and straightforwardness provide the main requirement – memorability and readability, even in the small format used on the website. Under this word, the full name of the institution, distributed along the length of the main one, is inscribed in a thin black font of a smaller size.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Before and After Logo (history)