Car Logos with a Griffin

Car Logos with Griffin

Animalistic motifs in automobile brand logos are something of a classic. Therefore, they are often used and help to convey to potential buyers the meanings that the company lays down. Previously, logos were perceived simply as part of a company’s recognizable visual image. Nowadays, it is a powerful means of communication with a client and an important element of reputation management.

The image of a griffin in a logo can be explained for several reasons:

  • First, in the historical and cultural context, each animal is associated with a particular character and “set of meanings.” As the king of beasts, the lion indicates a company’s willingness to assert its leadership position in the market. The eagle is associated with a sense of flight, which is especially close to lovers of quality cars. Going into mythology, it is worth noting that the griffon is a mythical creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. When the image of a griffin is used in the brand identity, they want to emphasize the power and high status because the eagle is called the king of birds, and the lion – the king of beasts.
  • Secondly, most animals in people’s minds are associated with thoughts of speed, agility, endurance, fearlessness, and the ability to survive. Such symbolism is quite appropriate for a car brand because a good car should also be enduring and maneuverable.

Consider popular car brands that used the image of a griffin in their logos.


Vauxhall Griffin Logo

This British company, headquartered in Bedfordshire, was founded by Alexander Wilson in 1857. The company specializes in the production of passenger cars and small commercial vehicles. However, there was a period in the company’s history when it also produced buses and trucks.

For more than two decades, the company maintained its position as the second-largest car manufacturer in the UK.

The logo of the brand changed at different periods of its history. For example, when the next version of the logo redesign appeared in 2008, the managing director of the company Bill Parfit said that the new logo conveys respect to the more than 100-year history of the brand and carries a renewed philosophy.

The brand’s round emblem features a griffin. And it is based on the coat of arms belonging to Faulk de Brot. In the 18th century, this mercenary soldier was given the Luton estate for Falk’s distinguished services to the monarch. The house built by the soldier became known as Vauxhall. When Vauxhall borrowed the plot of this emblem, it wanted to emphasize its connection with the said surroundings.

Inside the round emblem, we see the image of a griffin, which holds a flag with a capital letter from the company name. It looks powerful and confident.


Saab Griffin Logo

This Swedish company with headquarters in Trollhättan was founded in 1937. Unfortunately, in 2012 the company ceased to exist. During its active work, the company produced famous cars for their high quality, reliability, and endurance. And the Saab logo itself has become one of the most recognizable in the world of cars. The emblem is taken from the official coat of arms of Earl von Scane.

The round blue emblem shows a red griffin with white outlines. His image is placed in his profile. On the head of the griffin is a crown. If we go back to the symbolism of this animal mentioned above, the crown adds to its regal status and shows the great ambitions of the company. A golden hue was chosen for the crown. The combination of blue, red, white, and gold colors in the logo looks very elegant and creates the right contrast. The emblem of the company was stylish, original, and recognizable.


Scania Griffin Logo

The company was founded in 1891. It still exists today. The company’s main specialization is the production of trucks and buses. The company also produces engines for general industrial and marine applications. The logo shows the same griffin, as in the previous case. And this is not strange, as both companies are representatives of the Swedish car industry.

The only difference between the two logos is some nuances in outlines. In general, their concept is identical. Carl Fredrik Reutersvärd designed it. He’s a famous artist and sculptor from Sweden.


Gumpert Griffin Logo

The history of this car brand started relatively recently – in 2004. Its founder is Roland Gumpert; he is also a former director of Audi. The headquarters of the German company is located in Altenburg. The brand is famous for its high-speed car Apollo and broke several records, which no other car in this segment has reached yet.

When you consider the characteristics of such cars, it is quite understandable why the powerful meaning of the mythical griffon bird got on the brand’s emblem. Today, the company is working on expanding exports, and its cars are sold in Europe, the U.S., and the Middle East.

The griffin on the logo seems to be pushing off and preparing to either take off or scramble. This competitiveness is understandable in the context of Apollo’s record-breaking cars. At the same time, it may indicate that the car is ready to meet the demands of its owner and not to let him down on the road.


ISO Griffin Logo

The company, founded by Renzo Rivolta, existed from 1953 to 1974. It specialized in cars and motorcycles. The Isetta was a legendary car that made the brand particularly successful and recognizable in its time. But despite the ups and downs, the company could not last long on the market.

The golden griffon is depicted in the logos of the time. Today it looks unconventional and vintage. Overall, the logo looks like a coat of arms. This indicates that the company’s management probably wanted to develop it to a larger scale. But unfortunately, this did not happen, and the company failed to become a carrier of improving technology and traditions that would be relevant to the present day. Nevertheless, it left a bright mark in its field. And no less interesting logo.