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Reliability and wide distribution are the main accents the Cardano (ADA) logo conveys in the form of numerous dots of different sizes. The blockchain platform has placed itself at the center of this scheme because it distributes the cryptocurrency of the same name. The blue color in which the emblem is made reflects great hope for the future of the virtual resource and its high demand.

Cardano (ADA): Brand overview

Founded:27 September 2017
Founder:Charles Hoskinson
Cardano (ADA) is a third-generation PoS (Proof-of-Stake) blockchain platform used as an alternative to PoW (Proof-of-Work). It is a decentralized and public resource with open source, as well as with its cryptocurrency. It appeared in 2014 when Charles Hoskinson, who was involved in creating Ethereum, was established. The activities of the site and its virtual currency are monitored by the fund of the same name, concentrated in the city of Zug (Switzerland).

Meaning and History

Cardano (ADA) Logo History

Work on the blockchain platform started in 2014, and three years later, it was officially launched. This event took place in 2017. The impetus for its emergence was the dispute between Hoskinson and one of the creators of Ethereum. After leaving the previous project, he switched to another program created with the support of the Cardano Foundation and Emurgo. The new platform was named after the Italian polymath and the greatest mathematician of the Renaissance, Gerolamo Cardano.

And the cryptocurrency was named after another mathematician – the first female programmer Ada Lovelace, the daughter of the romantic poet George Gordon Byron. One such unit contains 1 million lovelaces. This is a III generation cryptocurrency, which has become one of the main units of the virtual money market. Both Cardano and ADA have the same blue and white logo. They emphasize the professionalism, unity, and security of the blockchain platform and its currency.

What is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano (ADA) is a blockchain platform and its cryptocurrency. It is a public and decentralized open source resource launched in 2014. The creator of the site is Charles Hoskinson, one of the developers of Ethereum. The current regulator of its activities is the foundation of the same name, stationed in Zug (Switzerland).

2017 – 2020

Cardano (ADA) Logo 2014

The Cardano logo is a cluster of six bold dots around which circles with a smaller diameter are grouped. They form a kind of rays, diverging in all directions. As a result, the icon looks like a blue sun, where six medium-sized balls are used instead of one central disk. To the right of the graphic sign is the name of the blockchain platform. The word “Cardano” is made in a smooth and even sans serif. All letters are in upper case and consist of wide lines. Although the inter-character spacing is minimal, this does not interfere with the normal perception of the text: it is read very well. As a background, the developers chose white.

2020 – today

Cardano (ADA) Logo

The changes made in 2020 have slightly changed the proportional ratio of the elements. The dot pattern is now reduced in size but retains the same number of “rays” as before – they are still 12. The designers also worked on the font, choosing a modern, thin version. Only “A,” “D,” and “N” remained similar, and the rest of the characters are completely different. The letter spacing is somewhat wider this time than before, making the text easier to read visually.

Font and Colors

Cardano (ADA) Symbol

The graphic symbol of Cardano (ADA) looks like a “molecular” structure. This is a schematic drawing of something single, which forms a whole, consisting of small elements. Such a composition is fully consistent with the concept of decentralized cryptocurrency.

The Trueno SemiBold typeface, created by Cannot Into Space Fonts, was chosen for the lettering in the first logo. In the second case, a font of a different plan was used – an individual, as much as possible, identical to Archivo SemiBold from the Omnibus Type studio. The color palette of Cardano (ADA) is stable and consists of a combination of blue (cobalt shade) and white. Also, sometimes there is a black and white version.

Cardano (ADA) color codes

Egyptian BlueHex color:#0033ad
RGB:0 51 173
CMYK:100 71 0 23
Pantone:PMS 2736 C