Cars Brands that start with R

Cars Brands that start with R

Since its appearance, the automobile has become man’s most important and especially necessary “companion.” Its characteristics, capabilities, and appearance greatly influence the formation and significance of this one of mankind’s main inventions. For 150 years, the automobile has made a huge breakthrough in its technical equipment and passed from the luxury item category to an aggregate that has become an everyday necessity. Its history is directly connected with the history of all mankind. The first steps in this field were made back when such developments were perceived as a fantasy field. However, in a very short period, from clumsy wooden and metal monsters, these units have become elegant and stylish devices that have become an element of demonstrating one’s image and wealth.

What car brands start with the letter R?

The letter R is one of the most “favorite” of car manufacturers. Since the creation of the first “iron horses” more than a century and a half ago, the letter R as a capital letter is very often found among the names of companies and brands. Many of the most famous brands of the early XX century, which have already passed into oblivion, begin with it. And even more, companies engaged in the production of cars exist to this day. Renault and Ranz, Reynard and the famous Rolls-Royce, the once world-famous Rover, and the recently revived oldest Russian automobile and aircraft manufacturing company Russo-Baltique are especially famous. More detailed information on the resource pages.

Such a diverse use of machines in human life has led to the creation of many proposals from many manufacturers. At the same time, the constant emergence of new technologies, supported by the desire of mankind to move faster and faster in their development, has had a huge impact on the number of manufactured cars, which are different in their design and purpose. As a result, from the appearance of the first self-propelled carriage until today, on street roads, you can meet thousands of different models, differing not only in appearance but also in the tasks they are designed to solve. And how many models for the past years since the creation of the prototype of this kind of equipment ended their history in melting shops, leaving only the memories of the first owners, old photos, and mentions in printed publications? This is due not only to the fact that technology is constantly moving forward but also to outdated designs are losing their relevance. History itself is ruthlessly breaking much of it down. It goes further and further into the past on the timeline.

As a result, much of the historical data that allows humanity to get a full and correct picture of its past, solve current problems, and avoid irreparable mistakes in the future is partially or completely lost. The convenience of searching and preserving information from the world automotive industry today is provided by special information resources. They are engaged in collecting and systematizing disparate information and ordering it in special repositories with the help of developed and prepared services. Those that use alphabetical order in their system are especially convenient, as they allow you to find the necessary information quickly. Thus, it is enough to enter the letter R into the search engine so that several dozen automobile brands will appear on the screen immediately, the names of which begin with this letter.

Radical Sportscars

Radical Sportscars Logo

Since 1997, the British sports car industry has been represented by Radical Sportscars, founded by car enthusiasts and engineers Mick Hyde and Phil Abbott. Their first development was an open-top racing car. But, with great prospects for the future, the designers created a project that made it easy to derive cars for use on ordinary roads with quick re-registration. The brand’s lineup of sports cars had various sports models with different characteristics. The most popular was the 2001 Radical SR3, while the most popular sports car was the 2013 V6 RXC.

Ram Trucks

Ram Trucks Logo

Ram Pickup was spun off from Dodge in 2010. The brand was headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA. The brand’s slogan, “Guts. Glory. Ram.” is an interesting point. The project was established as a subsidiary of Dodge but almost immediately was reoriented to operate independently as a wholesale manufacturer. This enterprise took over the production and sale of all pickup and heavy trucks previously produced under the Chrysler brand and some other brands. For example, the Fiat Ducato is now the Ram ProMaster.


Renault Logo

Renault is one of the most famous French brands with a rich history and prestigious products. The company was founded in 1898 by brothers Louis, Marcel, and Fernand Renault and is headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. In the same year, the first automobile created by the company was bought by a friend of the founding father. Until 1907, the company equipped the entire cab fleet of Paris and London with its cars. Then, the brand covered the New York market with its products. The company was nationalized after the Second World War, leading in its production area. Today, the brand announced the creation of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance.

Reynard Motorsport

Reynard Motorsport Logo

In the 1980s, the British brand Reynard Motorsport made a loud statement in the racing car market. Starting in Bicester, the company immediately moved to Reynard Park, Brackley, England. Formula-oriented, the company used the base Ford in the 1600s and 2000s, as well as the Vauxhall Lotus, Three, 3000, and CART. The company was founded by racing driver Adrian Reynard, who formed Saber Automotive Ltd in 1973. In the late 90s, the brand changed to Reynard, gaining a reputation that doesn’t lose. The 2002 crisis led to a reorganization of the brand.

Rezvani Motors

Rezvani Motor Logo

The American car company Rezvani Motors, founded in 2013 by Ferris Rezvani, developed the Rezvani Beast car based on the Ariel Atom. Production was carried out in Santa Ana, California. In 2015, the company produced a production version of the model; state-of-the-art stamping and assembly systems and equipment allowed orders to be realized within 8-12 weeks. 2015, the first model was sold – road, doorless, and open-top versions. In 2017, an extreme model of the TANK SUV was introduced. The new model was named the Rezvani Hercules.

Rickenbacker Motor Company

Rickenbacker Motor Company Logo

In 1922, in Detroit, Michigan, USA, Eddie Rickenbacker, a former officer of the 9th Fighter Squadron, founded the Rickenbacker Motor Company automobile brand. The company’s lineup included the most popular touring cars, sports coupes, sedans, and roadsters. They were distinguished by the presence of internal brakes on all four wheels. Despite the introduction of the latest models in 1927, sales were low. In 1927, the company sold its production facilities to Audi.

Riley Motor

Riley Motor Logo

Pedal-powered bicycles influenced the emergence of the British brand Riley Motor in 1890. The company was called the Bonnick Cycle Company and was based in Coventry, England. 1896, the company’s name was changed to The Riley Cycle Company. In 1903, the founder’s sons formed the Riley Engine Company to manufacture motorcycles and automobiles from the main company. In 1912, the company changed its name to Riley (Coventry) Limited, completely phasing out motorcycle production. 1918, the company logo appeared, and engine and body production was developed. Sedans, coupes, touring vehicles, sports cars, and limousines were produced.

Rimac Automobili

Rimac Automobili Logo

After the establishment of the Croatian Republic, national companies began to be established, among them Rimac Automobili d.o.o. from Sveta Nedelj, a manufacturer of modern automobiles and related equipment. Founded in 2009 by Mate Rimac, the brand became known for the first Concept One, which became the fastest in its category. Among the company’s developments are the Green Monster based on the BMW E30, the Concept S presented in 2017, and the Concept Two.


Rinspeed Logo

Frank Rinderknecht founded the Swiss car brand Rinspeed in 1977 in Zumikon, Switzerland. Initially, the company converted production models into sports and disabled models. The first model was a tuned Volkswagen Golf I Turbo, and the first car of its own was the Rinspeed Roadster sports car. It launched a sporty line of new concepts created each year. The brand emphasizes eco-friendly models with hybrid engines and electric cars. Their range has non-standard variants – single-seaters, transformers, amphibians, etc.

Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce Logo

Rolls-Royce is the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury cars, and today, it is a division of BMW AG. The oldest British brand was founded in 1904 by Rolls friends Charles and Royce Henry in Goodwood, Chichester, UK. The brand focused on producing expensive cars made to order and projects. They were characterized by flamboyant design, English austerity, and rigidity. The last owners of the brand, the concern Vickers, sold the company in 1998 to the German concern BMW. In the struggle for the brand, the famous Volkswagen received a part of the rights to RR.

Ronart Cars

Ronart Cars Logo

Founded in 1984 by brothers Ron and Arthur Woolstenhulme, Peterborough-based Ronart Cars is known for its custom sports and racing cars. Each model was unique and assembled by hand. The lineup included models for road surfaces and race tracks. The sports cars and racing models had open wheels. In 1984, the company’s founders began to realize their idea of creating the first in-house prototype. By 1999, the company’s capacity allowed it to move to more mass production. In 2003, the brand was sold.

Ronn Motor Group

Ronn Motor Group Logo

Founded in 2007, the automobile company Ronn Motor Group was the realization of the idea of its founder, Ronn Maxwell Ford’s enterprise. After establishing his own company, he began developing the RONN Scorpion model. After a trip to China, he realized the futility of carbon models. In early 2009, Europe was introduced to the prototype, which was scheduled for production later that year. An agreement with Gray Design opened up further possibilities, and the development of the Scorpion 2.0 began in August 2015.

Rossion Automotive

Rossion Automotive Logo

American automotive brand Rossion Automotive, a recent supercar manufacturer, is rapidly gaining popularity among car enthusiasts. The company’s headquarters and production facilities are in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. The brand specializes in producing super sports cars, the body of which is completely made of carbon fiber. Today, Rossion Q1, Rossion Q1R, Noble, and Mosler are produced under this brand. Each model is assembled only by hand from components that have undergone in-depth testing.

Roush Performance

Roush Performance Logo

Roush Performance was founded in 1995 by Jack Roush in Livonia, Michigan. The company produced high-quality components that could replace the original versions when repairing Ford Mustang, Ford Focus, and Ford F-150 trucks and cars. The company expanded its product line to produce high-performance racing and street sports model components. All company inventory modifications, including the Ford Mustang in RS, Stage 2, Stage 3, and other versions, are approved for use in 50 states.


Rover Logo

Among the oldest automakers, a worthy place is occupied by the British brand Rover Company, founded in 1887 by John Starley and William Sutton. The company was based in Coventry (UK). Production began with the manufacture of bicycles and motorcycles, which closed in 1925. The first automobile was created in 1889 and was a self-propelled wagon. After the First World War, the brand began to use new technologies, which ensured its mass appeal and low price. In 1994, the company was acquired by BMV, which helped to update the lineup. In 2000, the brand was bought by the Phoenix Consortium. In 2005, the brand was closed down.


Ruf Logo

The history of sports cars includes the German manufacturer Ruf Automobile GmbH, founded in 1939 in Pfaffenhausen, Germany by entrepreneur Alois Ruf. Originally, it was an auto repair shop for the repair and maintenance of automobiles. Since 1969, the company has been tuning various cars, including modern and rare Porsche models. Parallel to this, the brand began to develop racing cars designed only for track competitions. In 1981, the company became the RUF brand, gaining its place among automakers.


Rousseau-Balt Logo

One of the oldest Russian automobile brands, the Russo-Balt brand was founded in 1908, when an automobile department was opened at the Russo-Baltik plant. The first model, the C 24/30, was produced in 1909. Until 1918, several of its modifications were produced. In 1913, the first half-track automobile and an auto sled appeared. The brand released the model C 24 RBVZ in the category of expensive cars. For nine years, the brand produced more than 900 cars. Among them were cars for the royal court. In 1915, the plant moved to Moscow, and in 1918, it was nationalized and renamed the First State Armored Plant.


Rivian Logo

The beginning of the XXI century is marked by mankind’s transition to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. So, in 2009, the American automobile company Rivian was created, focused on producing electric cars. R.J. Schering founded the company, headquartered in Irvine, California, USA. Among the models developed are sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pickup trucks, which utilize a versatile platform for developing new models. The design of electric vehicles has ensured that the vehicles can travel on any surface, including off-road. An electric van is being developed, and a network of base charging stations is being built across Canada and the United States.


Railton Logo


Ralliart Logo


Rambler Logo


Rapier Logo


Razor Logo


RCH Logo


Reliant Logo

Renault Samsung Motors

Renault Samsung Motors Logo

Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks Logo


Reva Logo


Revere Logo

Riga Autobus Factory

Riga Autobus Factory Logo


Roamer Logo


Robur Logo


Rocar Logo


Rochdale Logo


Rochet-Schneider Logo


Roewe Logo

Rootes Australia

Rootes Australia Logo


Rosenbauer Logo

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Logo


Rumpler Logo

Russell Motors

Russell Motors Logo


Ruston-Hornsby Logo


What brand of car begins with R?

Car brands starting with the letter “R” include Rambler, Renault, Rolls-Royce, and Rover, each known for its unique qualities.

Rambler, an American brand of the mid-20th century, was popular for its practical and economical compact and mid-size cars. Renault, a French manufacturer, produces a variety of vehicles, including compact cars, sedans, SUVs, and vans. Rolls-Royce, the British luxury car manufacturer, is renowned for its superior craftsmanship and high-end cars. Rover, from the UK until 2005, produced a wide range of cars, from compact models to luxury sedans.

What car brand has an R logo?

Rolls-Royce, known for its luxury cars, has the “R” logo. The logo consists of two overlapping letters, “R,” representing the initials of its founders, Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. Rolls-Royce is also known for its “Spirit of Ecstasy,” a hood ornament depicting a woman with her arms thrown back and her dress flowing.

What supercar starts with R?

The Rossion Q1 is a well-known supercar that begins with the letter “R” and is made by the American company Rossion Automotive. This company produces the Mosler and other high-performance cars. Known for their cutting-edge technology, Rossion vehicles are highly regarded for their quality and performance. Each vehicle is carefully hand-assembled with great attention to detail.

What is the car with the R logo?

A car with the “R” logo usually indicates a high-performance Volkswagen model. This logo is used for sportier versions of conventional cars, offering more power and a more exciting driving experience. It was originally introduced on the Golf R32 but has now become a symbol of top speed and performance among several models in the Volkswagen range.

These “R” models have more powerful engines, better suspension, and improved brakes. They feature unique design elements that highlight their sporty character. The brand uses the “R” badge to distinguish these vehicles from standard offerings and to attract drivers who enjoy powerful, dynamic cars.

What expensive cars start with the letter R?

Rolls-Royce is a distinguished name. The brand is known for its beautifully crafted cars, combining traditional elegance and modern technology. It symbolizes wealth and offers top-tier models such as the Phantom and Ghost, which are both sophisticated and powerful.

Rimac Automobili is a new Croatian company known for its electric hypercars. Mate Rimac founded the company at the forefront of electric vehicle technology. Its Rimac C_Two model is renowned for its fast acceleration and innovative features.