Castelfalfi is launching a new style that highlights Tuscan luxury

Castelfalfi Logo New

Castelfalfi, an idyllic retreat in Tuscany, Italy, has recently refreshed its brand image with a new logo, signaling a perfect harmony between its storied past and a future filled with luxury. This expansive estate, which covers 2,700 acres, is more than just a scenic spot; it’s a piece of history, dating back to its first mention in 754 A.D. With offerings like a top-tier hotel, homes for the long haul, a sprawling 27-hole golf course, and a village that seems to whisper tales of yesteryears, Castelfalfi is a slice of Tuscan paradise.

Tracing its name back to “Castrum – Faolfo,” linked to the Lombard King Faolfo, Castelfalfi is draped in grandeur and nobility. An hour’s journey from Florence takes you to this majestic estate, a blend of man’s craftsmanship and nature’s bounty, with its lush olive groves, sprawling vineyards, and forests rich in truffles, not to mention the medieval castle that stands guard.

In 2023, after a grand makeover spearheaded by entrepreneur Sri Prakash Lohia, Castelfalfi unveiled a new brand identity, a masterpiece from the creative minds at Base Design in Brussels. This new look aims to weave together the rich tapestry of Castelfalfi’s history with the luxury it’s synonymous with today.

Castelfalfi Logo Evilution

The centerpiece of this transformation is the new Castelfalfi logo, a nod to the estate’s regal and artistic heritage. The new logo embraces the Pegasus, echoing the Etruscan Horse sculptures that are a hallmark of Tuscany’s rich cultural legacy. This emblem honors the past; it elevates Castelfalfi to a mythical realm of beauty and luxury.

The logo is complemented by a wordmark that mirrors the estate’s elegance. Drawing inspiration from ancient inscriptions within Castelfalfi, this wordmark marries traditional elements with a touch of modern flair, promising a luxurious experience deeply rooted in history.

But the new identity of Castelfalfi doesn’t stop at the logo. It includes a refined sans serif and a playful floral script, creating a fairy-tale ambiance that enhances the estate’s breathtaking views and architectural wonders. This mix of typefaces underscores Castelfalfi’s unique ability to offer a luxurious escape while staying true to its historical essence.

The Castelfalfi logo symbolizes a commitment to preserving Italian heritage while embracing a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury.