The CBRE logo does not change its strategic preferences. It is strict, business-like, and practical. The subdued color supports the serious tone of the visual identity and brings harmony between the external form and internal content. Money and its rational spending – that’s the main idea of the emblem.

CBRE: Brand overview

Founded:August 27, 1906
Founder:Colber Coldwell, Benjamin Arthur Banker, Richard Ellis
Dallas, Texas, U.S.
CBRE is an American firm specializing in investments in the field of commercial real estate. By revenue in 2021, it is included in the Fortune 500 ranking, as it holds a leading position alongside JLL and Cushman & Wakefield. It serves 90% of the companies represented in the top 100 Fortune. Its founders are Richard Ellis, Benjamin Arthur Banker, and Colbert Coldwell. The launch time is 1906. The location of the headquarters is Dallas, Texas.

Meaning and History

CBRE Logo History

Initially, the company was called Tucker, Lynch & Coldwell. Then it changed its name several times due to personnel changes in management. Later, it was repeatedly bought and sold until CBRE came into full force and began independently acquiring other firms to strengthen its position in the investment market.

Subsequently, the new name served as the basis for the visual identity. Designers initially proposed a minimalist option: textual, simple, business-oriented, and clear. The massive letters of the abbreviation testify to the investor’s seriousness and the scale of their work. The large signs indicate that the firm is confident in its capabilities, has unwavering business qualities, and has a stable position in the global market.

What is CBRE?

CBRE is the abbreviated name of the largest commercial real estate investor, Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis, from the United States. It was established in 1906 and manages its operations from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Before 2003

CB Richard Ellis Logo before 2003

The logo features the company’s name in an abbreviated format. It is executed in bold, mixed-case font – both uppercase and lowercase. The first two letters are the abbreviation “CB.” The rest of the name retains the expanded writing – “Richard Ellis.” Between them is a square with a high-rise building in a modern style. The multi-story building is painted white and set against a green background. This color palette is ideal for an investment company, as it is associated with the financial sphere, reminiscent of the colors of dollar bills.

2003 – 2011

CB Richard Ellis Logo 2003

The CBRE logo of this period is entirely in abbreviation form. The text is divided into two lines, aligned on both sides. The top line has all uppercase and massive letters, while the bottom line has thinner and smaller letters. They balance the large elements and add lightness to the emblem. The corporate color palette remains in the green spectrum but acquires a lighter shade.

2011 – today


There has been a significant change in the bottom row, as it is the result of rebranding: instead of “CB Richard Ellis,” the impressive “CBRE Build” has appeared. The bottom line also contains large glyphs but semi-bold. The top row abbreviation is still much more massive, so the letters there are blocky, wide, and bold. Both inscriptions are centered. This design structures the emblem, turning it into a convenient marketing tool for attracting the right category of clients – confident and business-minded.

Font and Colors

CBRE Emblem

The key inscription in the CBRE logo is typed in the Wagamama font, which fully reflects the company’s position – in terms of concept, work method, and interaction with clients. The design is harmonized thanks to the accurate representation of both the expected and the actual. In other words, the letters convey the main message: the investor is reliable, stable, and durable.

Although the emblem’s color palette is restrained, it is quite expressive, as green is the color of money, symbolizing growth and development. It is executed in the classic shades of the American dollar, setting the mood for profitable spending, which will undoubtedly bring financial gain.

CBRE Symbol

CBRE color codes

Bottle GreenHex color:#016a4e
RGB:1 106 78
CMYK:99 0 26 58
Pantone:PMS 335 C