Chico University identity: animal power

California State University Chico Logo

For the 134 years of its existence, California State University has undergone, for the first time, a rebranding this year that has overshadowed other interesting events.

It has taken the past five years to compile an overview of the institution’s formation, trace the historical path of Chico State’s founding, and gather information on accomplishments and feedback from people throughout California.

The need to update the identity is often related to the emergence of competitors in the education field. Various educational institutions seek to reach a larger audience to promote their brand, showcase the prestige of learning within their walls, present the benefits and describe the features in a better light.

Chico State Wildcats New Logo

Brand building, active advertising, and other PR play a huge role in strengthening the position of universities. Competition is growing, the struggle for applicants is getting tougher and tougher, the need for a renewed identity is growing because how better to attract potential students?

Future graduates are very hungry for bright slogans, images, merchandise that is the embodiment of their favorite brand. It is so nice to know that you join the corporate culture of the institution where you study, share values, and bring important meanings to other people!

A comprehensive project to update the university’s logos and staff descriptions was developed with the Pentagram Simpson Scarborough Creative Association’s support and in collaboration with commercial partners.

California State University Chico Emblem

Qualitative and quantitative testing involving thousands of prospective and current students, alumni, sponsors, faculty, and other staff members took a long time, but success was assured.

As the motto of 1887 says, “Today will decide tomorrow.” The mascot – a wild cat, determined and courageous, ready for adventure and challenge – was combined with this slogan.

In the new logo, the image of the cat represents pride, identity, attraction to sports, and victories. It is a fitting symbol of youth culture that looks coherent and logical.

The university’s name is located with the symbol of a wild cat. The sign will mark the campus for all departments and programs. On clothing, banners, other marketing materials, and digital media, the new logos will create a pleasing impression and the right associations with fortitude and positive educational transformation.

California State University Chico Before and After Logo (history)

The new logo represents a wild cat standing on a rock-like surface. On the right, in a neat, rounded font, the university’s name appears, and Chico is in the same dark burgundy hue as the wildcat badge itself.

A beautiful combination, the same visual style of the font and graphic elements create a memorable tandem of authority, prestige, and innovation.

Such a logo will organically present the identity to the general public. The animalistic image in the presentation of the educational institution will create a favorable impression on both potential applicants and graduates of the university.