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Chubb logo is refined yet speaks of stability. The emblem’s thin lines demonstrate the company’s ability to navigate market currents. The symbol promises a simplified life for depositors’ financial crisis independence.

Chubb: Brand overview

Founder:Thomas Caldecot Chubb
Zürich, Switzerland
Chubb is an American insurance company, but since 2016, it has been Swiss. It offers life, health, and property protection in 55 countries. The insurer’s net profit is 8.5 billion, and ratings from major rating agencies indicate complete stability and solvency.

Meaning and History

Chubb Logo History

The Chubb Company was founded in 1882. However, its well-known logo emerged in 1985, almost a century later, when the company transitioned from private to public and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The visual identity speaks to modernity, technological advancement, and deposit protection. The rebranding in 2016 is tied to the acquisition of the insurer by a larger competitor from Switzerland.

What is Chubb?

A major insurance company headquartered in Zürich, it insures private and commercial properties. The company’s assets exceed $200 billion. It employs over 40,000 staff.

1985 – 2016

Chubb Logo 1985

For many years, Chubb Corporation utilized a logo with a moon on a blue background. The emblem was designed by a firm established by the renowned industrial designer Raymond Loewy.

The rectangular blue background represents:

  • Sky and sea. The company was founded to insure ships. The vast sky and boundless ocean are primary views for seafarers. The shade evokes the right associations with the insurer’s line of work.
  • The rectangle shape resembles a safe, suggesting security and safe money storage.
  • A company with its flag is a powerful and stable force in the market, operating in national interests.

The blue color brings associations of professionalism, consistency, and adept business management. As a representation of the sky and dreams, the shade speaks to fulfilling hopes for a bright future.

Against this background, the moon’s movement is depicted across the sky. This celestial body speaks of unforeseen events and unexpected obstacles the company protects against. Earth’s satellite seems to pierce the sky, striving for freedom. In the same way, insurance incidents disrupt a person’s life, breaking the usual life rhythm. However, Chubb helps navigate through challenging situations.

The background and the moon form a transformed letter ‘C’ – the first in the company’s name.

Below the image is a large blue inscription emphasizing the might and strength of Chubb Corporation.

2016 – today

Chubb Logo

In 2015, the insurance company ACE Limited acquired Chubb, renaming it Chubb Limited and changing its logo.

The refined black letters of a square form serve as a prototype for a bank cell, where insured people’s deposits are stored. Straight glyphs and broad lettering suggest resilience and stability.

The slender symbols are very technological and modern, reflecting the company’s progress. According to the owners, the inscription embodies excellent underwriting and service. Retaining the name emphasizes that the company remains the one customers have always known.

Occasionally, the logo is presented with white letters on a black background. In such an interpretation, the logo represents a synthesis of the previous emblem and ACE’s visual identity:

  • The rectangular shape merged with the square to form a medium-sized background.
  • The base’s blue color became black, closer to ACE’s dark gray background.
  • The white color of the letters also comes from the new owner’s logo.

A logo, made up of its name, is like an artist’s signature on their masterpiece. Chubb will also leave its name under each contract as a testament to quality.

Font and Colors

Black symbolizes experience, power, and dominance. It represents a major company in the market. Chubb plans to use nine colors for the background or letters of the name to emphasize the diversity of clients, energy, and global presence. These include yellow, orange, blue, turquoise, raspberry, red, green, purple, and gray.

The Aggie Std Normal font, reminiscent of being bent from metal rods, epitomizes resilience and strength.

Chubb color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C