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Cleveland Cavaliers Logo

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo
Cleveland Cavaliers Logo PNG

This team appeared in the NBA in 1970. Fans through a special contest chose its name. Among the variants that got into the final round were: Foresters, Towers, and Presidents. Because Ohio holds a second place (after Virginia) by the number of US Presidents born here (7 representatives plus one president named Cleveland (1885-1889), a native of New Jersey, the last one was quite interesting. The current name Cavaliers, also has a lot of historical references.
In this case, Cavaliers is the same as Chevalier, in a more literal sense – cavalrymen.

Cleveland Cavaliers emblem
The last time the Cleveland Cavaliers logo was changed in 2010. The emblem image remained the same, but the colors were made deeper, and the gold became brighter. In total, “Cleveland” had five logos, and from 1984 to 2003, the name Cavs was depicted differently, but one thing has always remained unchanged. The letter V (which also means Victoria) has always been the basket where the ball hit in.

Cleveland Cavaliers symbol

The name Cavaliers (“Musketeers”) appeared in 1971 after a grand vote, in which 11 thousand basketball lovers took part. The winner of the competition was a fan of Ohio, Jerry Tomko. “Musketeers are courageous, fearless men who never give up regardless of anything,” Tomko explained his choice. Well, for the club, it was important that the first letter in the city’s name coincides with the team’s name – Cleveland and Сavaliers.

Cleveland Cavaliers logo history

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo History
Cleveland Cavaliers Logo Evolution

1971 – 1983

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 1971-1983

The very first emblem of the Cleveland Cavaliers had the image of a Chevalier depicted on the background of a basketball ball with a sword in hand. The colors of the form and the logo were wine-gold. Cleveland got his classic colors of “wine and gold” in the early 1970s when the club was founded. It is explained by the fact that arriving at the race place players traditionally took red wine and something gold for good luck.

1984 – 1994

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 1984-1994

In 1983, the team changed owners, and it was time to change the image. The colors of the team’s form were made orange-blue, and the Cleveland Cavaliers logo now resembled drawing lessons in primary school. The new owners of the club used a neutral emblem with the name CAVS.

1995 – 2003

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 1995-2003

In the 90s, fans called the new logo “The destruction of the toilet bowl.” Black-orange-blue colors were the new ones in the Cleveland Cavaliers emblem. To tell the truth, and a new form left much to be desired. The only good thing about the styles of the 90s is that they did not exist for a long.

2004 – 2010

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 2004-2010

In 2003, with the coming of LeBron James, the club’s management suddenly changed its mind and went back to the origins. Therefore, the wine-gold form and the militaristic emblem were returned. The image of the Chevalier was removed, but designers decided to remain his sword, which passed through the inscription and was located on top of a ball. In 2003, the Сavaliers returned to their origins, and from the gallant musketeer, they left only a sword, inventing the formidable slogan “Be afraid of the sword!” By the way, the same threat is present in the form of “cavaliers.”

2011 – 2017

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 2011-2017

A variant of the Cleveland Cavaliers logo 2004 – 2010 existed to 2010 when dark golden fringing was changed to the light one.

2017 – Present

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 2017-present

For the 2017-18 season, Cleveland Cavaliers introduced a new team logo that simplifies and modernizes the look of the brand. The Cavaliers collaborated with Nike to develop the perfect emblem and introduce the most popular features of the franchise into a new design that would reflect the progress and success of the organization.

Collaboration with Nike, the official form supplier in the 2017-18 season, was also conducted for the new Cleveland Cavaliers logo to complement the appearance of the new team’s uniform.

In 2017, Cleveland Cavaliers introduced the updated team’s logo for the 2017-18 season, which simplifies and modernizes the look of the brand. Designing the emblem, Cavaliers collaborated with Nike to introduce the most popular franchise features into the new Cleveland Cavaliers logo, which would reflect the progress and success of the organization.

Cleveland Cavaliers logo’s elements:

  • The sharp edges of the Cleveland Cavaliers typeface are inspired by notions of a defender, and the motion of the sword and the aggressive look that it creates.
  • The sword evokes the spirit of a modern defender, the resilience of Cleveland.
  • The shield represents the Cavaliers’ commitment to Defend The Land. It is a direct nod to the most faithful and passionate Cavaliers fans, including Wine & Gold United.
  • The C stands for something bigger than the Cavaliers. It stands for Cleveland – a city united and represented the Cavalier’s commitment to champion our hometown both on and off the court.
  • Wine and gold hues pay homage to the team’s first colors in their inaugural 1970 season. Navy remains a complementary color, while black is officially introduced as a new and permanent addition to the color palette.