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The Cleveland Cavaliers logo, designed in a knightly style, embodies a maximum focus on competition and victory. Yet, the nobility is overshadowed by a single stroke of a sharp rapier, as these are not medieval tournaments for a lady’s heart but sports battles of professional basketball players.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Brand overview

Founder:Dan Gilbert, Gary Gilbert, Usher Raymond
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

This team entered the NBA in 1970. Fans chose its name through a special contest. Among the finalists were the Foresters, Towers, and Presidents. Since Ohio is second only to Virginia in the number of U.S. presidents born there (7 representatives plus one President Cleveland (1885-1889), a New Jersey native), the last option was quite intriguing. The current name, Cavaliers, also has many historical references.

In this context, Cavaliers are synonymous with Chevalier, or more literally, cavaliers.

The Cleveland Cavaliers logo was last changed in 2010. The emblem’s image remained the same, but the colors became more vibrant, and the gold became brighter. Cleveland has had five logos, and from 1984 to 2003, the Cavs name was depicted differently, but one thing remained constant. The letter V (also signifying “Victory”) was always a basket into which a ball was shot.

The name Cavaliers (“Musketeers”) was chosen in 1971 following a grand vote involving 11,000 basketball fans. Ohioan Jerry Tomko won the contest. “Musketeers are brave, fearless people who never give up, no matter what,” Tomko explained his choice. It was important for the club that the first letter of the city’s name matched the team’s name – Cleveland and Cavaliers.

Meaning and History

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo History

The team has had six emblems, each reflecting a different period of the franchise’s history. The main visual identity became the musketeer version; hence, Cleveland Cavaliers are called musketeers. They owe their nickname and debut logo to Pitt Studios from Pittsburgh, which represented Cleveland. The original logo was approved in May 1970.

What is Cleveland Cavaliers?

This is an American basketball team playing at the professional level. It is a member of the NBA, part of the Eastern Conference, and competes in the Central Division. The club started in 1970 as an expansion franchise alongside two other basketball teams (Buffalo Braves and Portland Trail Blazers). Since 1994, it has been hosting its home competitions at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

1971 – 1983

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 1971-1983

The team’s earliest logo features “wine and gold” colors. It depicts a musketeer fencing with a rapier, turned away from viewers. He’s in full attire: a wide-brimmed hat with a large feather, a doublet with cuffs, a short cloak, gloves, and high boots with cuffs.

The red figure is set against a sun with characteristic white lines. At the end of the visual row is the club’s name. It surrounds the central elements: “Cavaliers” at the top with decorative “C” and “S,” and “Cleveland” at the bottom. The letters are large, red, with a yellow outline.

1984 – 1994

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 1984-1994

In 1984, the team’s symbolism underwent radical changes. Only the color – light and pure wine – remained from the previous version. Everything else was new. The focus was on the text, specifically the nickname’s shortened form, “Cavs.” The letters are uppercase and serifed, and the letter “V” resembles a basketball hoop. It has a white net and a red ball.

1995 – 2003

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 1995-2003

In the 90s, fans nicknamed the new logo “Toilet Bowl Destruction.” Designers developed a range of hoops, balls, and nicknames but depicted everything in a radically different style. The emblem now has a black rectangular background, a white schematic net, and an orange ball flying into the hoop. Below is the club’s abbreviated name, represented in blue letters with a thin black line in the middle.

2004 – 2010

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 2004-2010

In 2003, with LeBron James’ arrival, the club management suddenly changed its mind and returned to its roots. The logo, approved in 2004, features a golden musketeer rapier, which, hooking the letter “C,” pierces the white phrase “CLEVELAND CAVALIERS.” The background is a wine-colored basketball. The text is on a dark blue substrate – the same shade as the stripes on the ball.

2011 – 2017

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 2011-2017

The changes during this period of the logo’s history are quite minor. The team switched to a modified version of the classic “wine and gold” palette from 2003 – 2004. The existing version also added a yellow tint, represented in the shadows on the sword and the outlining line that runs around all elements. The text remains diagonal and upward. The letter “C” has characteristic points at the ends and in the middle.

2017 – 2022

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 2017-2022

In the 2017-18 season, the “Cleveland Cavaliers” introduced a new team logo, simplifying and modernizing the brand’s appearance. The Cavaliers collaborated with Nike to develop the perfect emblem and incorporate the franchise’s most popular features into a new design reflecting the organization’s progress and success.

After the 2017 redesign, the emblem received a new design, deepening the musketeer theme and “C-Sword” style. Now, a black shield serves as the background. It features a vertically placed rapier, its tip upwards, and the club’s name (in two horizontal rows). The stabbing weapon passes through the letter “C,” separated from the inscription.

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo Elements:

  • The sharp edges of the Cleveland Cavaliers font evoke thoughts of a defender and the sword’s motion and aggressive appearance it creates.
  • The sword represents the spirit of the modern defender, Cleveland’s resilience.
  • The shield embodies the Cavaliers’ commitment to defending the nation. It’s a direct nod to the most loyal and passionate Cavaliers fans, including Wine & Gold United.
  • The letter “C” signifies more than “Cavaliers.” It stands for Cleveland – the city uniting everyone and symbolizes the Cavaliers’ dedication to defending our hometown, both on and off the court.
  • The wine and gold shades pay homage to the team’s first colors in its inaugural 1970 season. Navy remains an additional color, and black is officially introduced as a new and permanent addition to the color palette.

2022 – today

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo

Today, the team’s emblem still includes a quadrilateral crest, “CLEVELAND CAVALIERS” inscription, and a stylized letter “C.” The designers removed the sword, symbolizing fighting spirit, and opted to minimize elements. The updated brand style is the work of artist Daniel Arsham, who became the Cavs’ creative director in 2020.

The modern emblem was introduced shortly before the 2022-2023 NBA season. Its color palette is simplified compared to the previous version. Now, the team’s name, the contour around the standalone letter, and the edge line of the shield are colored in gold with a metallic sheen. This is the true “gold” of the Cavaliers, used in the early 1980s. The letter “C” is wine-red, almost purple, and the shield’s base is black.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Interesting Facts

The Cleveland Cavaliers, or the Cavs, are a basketball team that’s been around since 1970. They’re part of the NBA and have a lot of fans because of their exciting history.

  1. Starting Up: They were created in 1970 to add more teams to the NBA. Their very first game was in October of that year.
  2. First Home: They first played at the Cleveland Arena, but in 1974, they moved to the Richfield Coliseum. They stayed there for 20 years before moving to their current spot, the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in downtown Cleveland.
  3. Big Break: The 1975-76 season was a big deal for the Cavs because they did well for the first time. Fans call it “The Miracle of Richfield” because they made it to the playoffs and even the Eastern Conference Finals.
  4. Important Draft: In 1986, the Cavs drafted some great players, like Brad Daugherty and Mark Price. These players helped the team do well in the late ’80s and early ’90s.
  5. LeBron James: LeBron James is one of the best players ever. The Cavs picked him in 2003. He was born in Akron, Ohio. LeBron helped the team reach the NBA Finals five times and win a championship in 2016.
  6. 2016 Win: The Cavs won their first NBA Championship in 2016. They were behind 3-1 in the finals but returned to beat the Golden State Warriors. This win was huge for Cleveland because they hadn’t won a big sports championship in 52 years.
  7. Honoring Players: The Cavs have retired the numbers of some of their best players, like Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Mark Price. The Cavs will probably retire LeBron James’s number in the future, too.
  8. The Shot: In 1989, Michael Jordan made a famous basketball shot against the Cavs. It’s a big moment in basketball history, even though the Cavs lost hard.
  9. Cool Courts: The Cavs like making their Rocket Mortgage Field House court look cool. They use the latest technology and design to make it stand out.
  10. Helping Out: The Cavs do a lot for people in Cleveland. They work on education, health, and making the community better. They care about helping others.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had some great times and tough times, but they’re a big part of Cleveland. They’ve a lot of history, from amazing players to big wins, and they do a lot to help their city.

Font and Colors

Cleveland Cavaliers emblem

No matter how radically the logos have changed, there are several common factors: the color palette, the name, a ball, or a sword. But the structure is always different, except for two periods.

Cleveland Cavaliers Symbol

Each stage in the logo’s history has its own writing style. In early versions, the letters were serifed. Then came a cursive version. In the modern logo, a strictly chopped font from the Sans Serif category is used, but with decorative elements. Throughout all times, “C” and “S” have been interestingly manipulated: designers made them larger than the others and added unique elements.

The team’s signature colors are Wine & Gold. Now, black is considered equivalent to them. Although dark blue is present in the logo, it is not part of the official palette, as it is an additional color.

Cleveland Cavaliers color codes

WineHex color:#6f263d
RGB:111 38 61
CMYK:20 97 40 58
Pantone:PMS 209 C
GoldHex color:#ffb81c
RGB:255 184 28
CMYK:0 31 98 0
Pantone:PMS 1235 C
Navy BlueHex color:#041e42
RGB:4 30 66
CMYK:100 90 13 68
Pantone:PMS 282 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:6 25 34
CMYK:30 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Black C


What does the Cleveland Cavaliers logo represent?

The Cleveland Cavaliers logo features a black and gold musketeer’s rapier. It pierces a raspberry letter C, which begins both words in the basketball team’s name. The blade’s tip is divided into two parts by a text insert. All elements are set against a background of an elongated quadrilateral shield with double edging.

Did the “Cavaliers” change their colors?

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ color change occurred in 2011. Then, they moved from red to wine and from dark gold to light gold. Since then, this palette has predominated in both the emblem and the basketball players’ uniforms. And it has not changed to this day.