CNN+ is the iconic brand’s new channel and logo

CNN+ Logo

On July 19, the American television channel CNN announced the completion of work on its new streaming service, CNN +. Viewers will be able to use this network already in the first quarter of 2022. Only new exclusive programs created specifically for this channel or archived programs from the “parent” will be broadcast. It is expected that the new project will significantly expand both the number of the watching audience and the content itself, with the help of which subscribers will be able to satisfy their requests for watching films, programs, and TV programs they are interested in.

CNN+ New Logo

Given the high saturation of the information market with offers, the developers of the new channel decided to keep the basic brand style of design, the main logo, including the name, adding only some original elements. In their opinion, this method will preserve the recognition of the novelty while simultaneously demonstrating its individuality.

The new design includes applying the brand name on a single red field in a distinctive font with the addition of the “+” sign in a unique design. Such a sign is not uncommon today. It can be found as one of the symbols of the world’s most famous news and entertainment channels – Disney +, Discovery +, AMC +, Paramount +, Apple TV +. With its help, each of these channels accelerates visual recognition and search for the desired channel. At the same time, the widespread use of this sign overloads the information space, tiring the viewer with its repetition.

CNN+ Emblem

To somehow reduce such a negative load on the user while preserving their individuality, the developers applied the unity of images in the logo. This sign was made in a general stylistic solution with the main letters of the brand – CNN. As in them, the image consists of interconnected lines. The sign includes three elements – the upper and lower arcs of the L-shape and the central figure, repeating the other two in shape, but connected. As a result, the designers ensured the uniqueness of the transmission of the image of the sign, which can be perceived as “+” and resemble the image of roads on road maps or the familiar ambulance symbol.

The viewers will assess whether this decision was correct as early as next year when the new TV channel will become available to everyone under a single CNN brand.