Color matters for Black in Business

Black in Business Logo

London Business School has been a well-known and promoted brand for a long time. With the emergence of new branches of projects and areas of activity, it became clear that the brand is expanding and incorporates all the innovative business trends.

In the modern world, being in search of new approaches and concepts means being visible and recognizable. Therefore, for the sake of expansion, one of the best business schools globally, whose number of students reaches about 45 thousand in 155 countries of the world, decided to create an identity for the Black in a Business school club.

The brand and design consulting agency with the big-name StormBrands has become the creative sponsor of the new visual identity of the project.

Speaking about school club, it is worth emphasizing that following the worldwide movement against prejudice against people with certain skin color, the project’s naming was predetermined. The purpose of branding was to highlight a certain category of people interested in developing key business-building skills and other areas of management and increase the level of communication culture between representatives of different nationalities. Thus, it can be briefly said that the brand became a business card for those whose rights could be ignored; thus, the project became a platform for self-affirmation of black students.

Black in Business New Logo

The club’s main goal is to create a favorable environment for promoting success for black graduates of the London Business School. Creating a solid foundation for cooperation with other partner organizations and further employment opportunities for all possible programs to improve the quality of life.

Earlier, a conference “Women in Business” was initiated, which inspired the founders of Black in Business. The message of the conference was the equality of women in business. Again, this event was held to strengthen the social position of women in management and business, which could not become an impetus for the creation of other interesting projects.

The graphic basis of the Black in Business school club logo is a color accent in the type logo. To show the seriousness of intentions and solidity of the brand, the creatives did not add any monogram or symbolic sign to distract the person looking at the logo from the maximum restrained position and straightforwardness of the message.

Black in Business Emblem

So, we mean that the words BLACK and BUSINESS (both words are written in capital letters) are made in sharp-flowing black font and are constructed as two parallel lines intersecting by the doubled IN preposition. The words visually act in different directions, keeping the effect of the fall steps. In this case, the word IN is written above and below and is decorated in bright blue.

This color contrast is enough to understand that the logo will be memorable and easy to read. However, there is a threat that a rebranding will be carried out in the future since the only difficult and visually unpleasant nuance may be the effect of “going down” a step-down.

In general, the logo looks organic, neat, and not sentimental. This contributes to the harmonization of the logo with other elements of the identity and their complementarity.