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Commerzbank Logo

Commerzbank Logo
Commerzbank Logo PNG

Commerzbank is a German operating bank ranked in the top 5 in terms of assets in the country: first, it was in fourth place (in 2018), and then in second (in 2019). Now, this financial organization is listed in the structure of the Cash Group. The time of its foundation is February 1870. The head office is located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

Meaning and History

Commerzbank Logo History
Evolution of the Commerzbank Logo

At the end of the 19th century, private and commercial bankers and Hanseatic merchants opened the Commerz-und Disconto-Bank in Hamburg. Its primary task was to facilitate trade, provide resources, attract cash flows to the city and search for new opportunities with an international perspective. The key figure in the process was Theodor Wille, a major trader, shipowner, and entrepreneur.

At first, the Hamburg bank operated only within the framework of its settlement. But in 1897, after buying J. Dreyfus & Co, a Frankfurt bank, expanded its geographic reach. It had branches in Frankfurt am Main, and Berlin and the headquarters moved to Germany’s capital. This event took place in 1905 after the acquisition of Berliner Bank. At the end of 1922, Commerz & Disconto Bank became the largest industry structure and owned 46 regional institutions.

All this time, the financial institution changed its emblems to meet new standards. The most significant identity change occurred in 1920 when the former Hamburg bank merged with the Mitteldeutsche Privat-Bank from Magdeburg. Then it was renamed Commerz-und Privat-Bank Aktiengesellschaft. And his first logos consisted of the abbreviations CDB (short for Commerz-und Disconto-Bank) and CPB (for Commerz-und Privat-Bank). Then there were variants based on the new name – Commerzbank.

Before 1920

Commerz Disconto-Bank Logo before 1920

The debut emblem came from the wax seals used to seal the correspondence. It bore the “CDB” monogram. It stood for the then name of the financial institution – Commerz-und Disconto-Bank. The abbreviation was located in the center and enclosed in a circle, which consisted of many thin and wide edging stripes. One of them contained the name of the bank and indicated its location – Hamburg.

1920 – 1957

Commerz Privat-Bank Logo 1920-1957

After the name change to Commerz-und Privat-Bank, the emblem underwent a redesign. The developers have replaced the old abbreviation with a new one – “CPB,” based on the recently approved name and different legal status (Aktiengesellschaft). The authors left the logo form the same, but the number of edging lines was reduced. Moreover, the canvas looked much neater.

1958 – 1971

Merkur-Flugel Schwarz Logo 1958-1971

As a result of the renaming into Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft, the company again changed its visual identification mark. Starting from 1958, the winged “C” was approved as part of the corporate image. She emphasized the Hanseatic origins of the financial structure and the priority trade support. Above the large letter were the wings of the god of commerce – Mercury. At the bottom was the short word “Bank.” It denoted the legal status of a financial institution.

1972 – 2008

Commerzbank Logo 1972-2008

In 1972, after the establishment of the Europartner Group, the German bank introduced an updated logo. It has become radically different because instead of the terse letter “C,” a more complex symbol of several parts has appeared. It was a dynamic emblem called the Quatre Vents, indicating the direction of the wind. The logo consisted of four open corners, gathered together with a narrow part inward. They resembled the letter “V” and were arranged in a fan, forming a semicircle, as a wind rose with a bold dot in the middle.

2009 – present

Commerzbank Logo 2009-present

The bank presented its current icon in October 2009. This is a tape bent in three places, which forms an isosceles triangle. It is taken over from Dresdner Bank. According to the concept, each stripe symbolizes close contact between bank employees, customers, and partners. Moreover, the logo expresses the dynamism, stability, and continuity of these business ties.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Commerzbank Emblem

Commerzbank’s badge changed along with his career. Each new stage of his activity was reflected in the identity. It all started with company seals – wax tags that the bank put on letters to keep the content’s secrecy. It was they who became the prototypes of the emblems. Then the management implemented the real symbols of visual identity using corporate colors – gray (in the beginning) and yellow (now).

Commerzbank Symbol

The bank’s name is written in a chopped typeface – wide, in upper case, with a close arrangement of letters. The color palette consists of sunny yellow # ffbc13 (actual logo), black (in the middle of financial activity), and burgundy brown # ad422d (at the beginning of work).