Compilation of experience, impressions, and business in the new Thomas Cook logo

Thomas Cook India New Logo

In November 2022, Thomas Cook redesigned the graphic sign. His new emblem is an unforgettable experience, love of travel, rich work experience, dedication, energy, excitement, positivity, and movement. Everything is reflected in the modern logo of the Indian travel company. It opens another page in the company’s history and helps it move to a higher stage of development.

Paradoxically, the pandemic played a significant role in the emergence of a new symbol in the visual identity. After the spread of the coronavirus, this tour operator did not give up but took advantage of the forced pause. He revised the identity and decided to coordinate it more accurately with the field of activity. As a result, the team showed unbending will, character, and fortitude. So the period of downtime turned into a period of innovation.

The updated Thomas Cook logo keeps up with the times: it matches the changing environment, provides dynamism, and maintains individuality. The key concept of the modern emblem is openness. The friendliness and informality of the company are conveyed in lowercase letters, which have come to replace capital letters.

Thomas Cook India Logo Evolution

The abbreviation in the logo is unusual – it is innovative because the letters are combined in a non-standard way. They are superimposed on each other, which is why the inscription “TS” seems half-hearted. Both glyphs are placed in the so-called circle of trust to demonstrate the reliability of the tour operator and create a memorable visual image. In addition, the sign will be used as a favicon and as a base symbol in apps, social media, websites, and other digital assets.

The joy of discovery from travel inspires the palette of the Thomas Cook emblem. Blue personifies freedom, expanses of water, and the sky. Yellow conveys energy, sun, and beach sand. Together they form a positive mood for an idyllic holiday atmosphere. These colors also highlight the brand well and increase its memorability.