Conciseness deserves respect

Lexus New Logo

So many world-class brands have become famous when their logos and identities, in general, have become associated with their products or services. Established brands such as Lexus, if they want to change their appearance, will mean a huge step into a new future.

That’s what the initiators of the rebrand, Lexus, said last month that they were preparing for big changes.

For a very long time, the well-known car industry did not undergo any changes in appearance, but in the current era, where there is an atmosphere of conciseness and formalism, if you want to be noticed, but at the same time not look intrusive, you need to have your visual tool that will communicate with the public.

In this regard, cars of different models had different logos and looked quite uniform and harmonious. In general, they did not try to be remembered but became loved worldwide due to high-class technologies and the company’s experience in the production of machines. The reputation is earned through the hard work of engineers, technologists, software developers, and then it is already strengthened by designers and creatives to strengthen the strength of the brand.

Now they have changed the design style: instead of the usual symbolic logo in the form of an icon, a font logo appeared, which stuns its customers with its conciseness and simplicity. It is so technologically advanced and modern that it causes deep respect for its simplicity and unpretentiousness.

Modest aligned and slightly expanded letters on the sides create an impression of luxury, quality, and a sense of superiority.

At the same time, the atmosphere of wealth and dignity remains a competitive advantage that has been in the design of Lexus cars before.

As always, looking at the car you want to buy, you want to ride this powerful, shiny model of an iron horse that has come to life, which will never let you down.

Speaking about the automotive industry as an industry, it is worth saying that the competition is high. Each country considers itself the manufacturer of the best cars in the world. But at the same time, such expensive and world-famous brands as Lexus modestly appear in the light thanks to successful and productive technical solutions in the car, making the car enthusiast’s heart beat faster. And to show authority, constancy of quality, and inextinguishable creative charisma, a laconic and not catchy design, which attracts the eyes of ordinary people, helps to show it.